Thursday, 27 September 2012


 It seemed appropriate that this being my third ‘Music with Mini’, I should review #3 by ‘The Script’. I'll put it out there that I am a legit Danny lover so you may need to give me a poke if I start rambling on forever and ever about his accent and his eyes and the rest of the whole shebang.

I love this tune! It's written by Danny and Mark, along with Steve Kipner and Andrew Frampton and has so much meaning and soul. It's a sad song about the life lead after Danny's own father Shay died aged 63 on Valentines Day. The tattoo mentioned is a large rose on Danny's arm to commemorate him. Danny's own father was a musician and his idol, "I would always bring my songs home to him like a paycheck. We'd talk about it, the chorus or whatever, and he was really encouraging. My mum now says my dad swore he knew all of this was going to happen [for me]… He had blind faith." The song shows an almost questioning attitude; whether his father would feel ashamed or proud of the life he's made for himself. It brings to light a lot of things people ask themselves after loved ones have died and the lilting Irish vocals on the chorus mixed with the harder, almost rapping tones on the verses create a beautiful mash, which shouldn't really quite work as well on paper as it does in real life.

SKIP SONG: I hate to say it but I'd skip ‘Hall of Fame’ on this album. It's just got to the point where it's so overplayed on the radio that it doesn't really stand out to me as a strong song compared to some of the others on the disc. Yes, it's a good song. Yes, it's well written and preformed awesomely. I have no particular problems with it as a song but I just don't feel that it holds its own amongst some of the other tracks.

ALBUM ART: If there's one thing The Script seem to do really well, it's album art. I'd say they're up there close to Coldplay. Maybe not that standard quite yet but they are getting there. The complete album art is all black and white which reflects the songs quite well. They're very strong musically so they have to be strong with the art as well. Plus it does make the Irish complexion look ah-may-zing. I love the black and white photography used, especially on the front cover where computer editing has been used to blend the 3 members into 1 person. At first it did remind me of Professor Quirrell on the front, Voldy on the back but I've got over it and am enjoying the cover. The slight problem I have is the writing for the lyrics. The writing is so small and so close together that I find it difficult to read. Admittedly, my eyesight isn't in the best of shape but I'm pretty sure most people would struggle with it. It doesn't help that the songs carry on from each other and carry on over pages. Now, don't get my wrong, I love my enjambed lines just as much as the next English Lit student but to have them on different pages? Really?
Overall, I enjoyed the album. It's typical Script, I'd say more like their first, better known album. I'd suggest however, to watch who's around when you play it. They aren't best known for their child and grandma friendly language but it doesn't matter to me. The songs are stunning, the album is well put together and I do feel the need to go and jam it in my car stereo so I can annoy my driving instructor to death when I start lessons. If he doesn't appreciate my music choice he will be left on the corner. I might be nice and give him a sleeping bag and a piece of card stating "Man Who Can't Be Moved" on it.

Written by Mini

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