Saturday, 29 September 2012

A do for every occasion

Hair, every time I go out I never seem to know what to do with it. You see I have long curly hair and every time I go out I envy the girls with short hair, making them look sharp and stylist without too much effort. Now I know I could just simply just chop all my hair of but I don’t think I bring myself to do that. (I am emotionally attacked to my hair. I know it sounds weird but I am.) So what can I do with my hair that doesn’t take too much effort but still looks great for any occasion? A plait.

Now, I know when I say the word plait most people just think childish.  But has no one else noticed how good they look? Now I am not saying and fancy plaits; a waterfall or even a fish tail. I am talking about the simple plaits that we all did on our toy dolls. See you can do a plait and manipulate it in different ways so it looks good for our occasion.

One of my favourite is the side plait, purely because it is the easiest and quickest. (I am too lazy to spend hours on my hair.) You can do this plait as neat or as messy as you want. If you have a full fringe you can do it to the side that you feel most comfortable with. However if you have side parting or a side fringe, personally I would do your plait on the side with the most hair. It works really well for just going to have a coffee and also for the night out look. This also works really well for a rocky look. You pull on the plait so it isn’t really neat and with the right makeup and accessories. Paz rock chick you are.

Another one that I use, especially for school, is a pony tail plait. You simply pull your hair into a high pony tail, tie it and then plait the hair and tie it at the end. Its great as it gets all your hair out of your face and since not left free you can’t play with it in class. I know it’s the best way to pass the time in that really boring lesson but come one girls we have to have the brains as well as the looks.  A word of warning for anyone who wants to use this look, do not and I repeat, do not, use it when doing sport. I have tried it and it is not fun. You see the pony tail plait decided to whack you across the face at the slightest turn you do. But other from that, I love this look.

Written by Genie

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