Saturday, 22 September 2012

Mr Claflin

NAME: Sam Claflin (Samuel George Claflin)

WHAT HE’S KNOWN FOR: To be completely honest, to say Claflin hasn’t had his fair chunk of exposure is a lie. He was in the ‘Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides’ as the religious one who falls in love with the mermaid (spoilers!) Not so long ago he was also alongside Kristen Stewart in ‘Snow White & the Huntsman’. He’s only really been in ten things of any real note, so yeah, he’s been pretty lucky to be completely honest to land those parts.

WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM: I’ve got to say I think I must have fallen in love with him in the Pirates film. He has this constant look of smoulder cast upon his face when he acts, like he’s constantly confused or something- it’s adorable. Then, to make matters worse he has a fiancée, which only made me fall in love with him more- he seems so completely and utterly in love and devoted to her… *sigh*

THE REST: The only other thing I saw Claflin in was ‘White Heat’, which to be honest was pretty good. Again, even my parents enjoyed it. I felt like he was able to delve more into other dimensions which his more high profile roles haven’t given him the opportunity to explore. You would able to feel sorry for him and hate him all at the same time- frankly, I couldn’t ask for more. Also, I don’t think I mentioned his voice. His damn voice. It’s like a traditional English accent (not the one Americans all think we have) had been smudged over with the ash of a cigarette and then polished slightly with a silk handkerchief. It’s rough and therapeutic all at the same time.

WHAT TO SEE HIM IN NEXT: As if his high profile roles were going to cease with a face like his… Yes, Claflin believe it or not is in the next Hunger Games as Finnick. It was pretty funny to scroll on tumblr every day seeing people with dream casts, and actually wanting him as Finnick to then find out their wishes had come true. They went freakin’ crazy.


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