Monday, 17 September 2012

Birds and Bees- But he’s so pretty…

‘But he’s so pretty,’ is the phrase of reasoning that I have heard too many times from my friends about that guy that has all the beauty of a god. The only problem with this boy is that he is as nice as a snake trying to strangle you.  We have all had that boy, or man, that we could just spend hours adoring but as soon as he starts to speak we all just think in our heads, ‘God, why, just why!’

Now, I’m not saying that every good looking guy is going to be a horrible sexist arse, I know a few really decent guys that have looks, but there aren’t the few that we want to date for some insane reason. Us girls seem to have a thing for this macho almost bad boy image, and it kind of baffles me.

I have it too. I have always wanted to date a bad boy. But look at the word I used in that sentence; ‘date’, not settle down with or marry. I want to ‘date’ a guy that will, and I say will because as a hopeless romantic it will happen, break my heart.  Now I ask myself and every self-respecting female, or male, out there why would we be wishing this upon ourselves? My friends I think I have an answer.

See, I have this theory that I have developed over the past 48 hours, I know a life time right, which I believe that makes complete sense.  We want to be the person that changes them. Now hear me out before you say it’s all ridiculous. We want to be the person that the douche of a boy would do anything for. He would change his ways for us. He would become the gentleman that any mother would be proud of. 

This idea that we are so important to someone that they would do anything to be with us, to make us happy, appeals to practically everyone in the world. We love the idea that we have made such a great impact on someone’s life. I know I’m making us sound so selfish at this moment and time but take a moment to think about it. It makes sense, right? I’m sure half of the readers of this may already disagree with me, (that’s what the comment section of the blog is for, I promise to read all of them) but I have more to say on the subject.

So far I have mentioned what I am sure to be the minority of boys; the ones who are as beautiful as heaven but as rotten as hell, but there are plenty of lovely and amazing guys. Now I know that not all of these will be the next top model, so to say, but they will treat you the way you deserved to be treated. These boys, I’m hoping, are in the same predicament as us. They wish to not just be judged on their looks but on their personality and what they are actually like.  Personally I know I would hate it if a guy just asked me out because of my looks. I am not saying I don’t want them to think I am pretty or hot but I would like them to actually find me interesting as well, so I see no reason why I should treat a guy any differently.  If us girls want a guy that is amazing and fabulously good looking then we shouldn’t complain when a guy wants that in us, it would just be hypocritical.

I actually came to dating and settling down with someone I don’t think that the pretty boy would even coming into the listing. As much as I want the beautiful husband, I want one who respects and loves me even more. Plus is the heart break from the pretty boy even worth it in the long run?  I know personally I would choose character over looks any day of the week, even if he is really, really, really pretty.

 Written by Genie

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