Monday, 10 September 2012

Just friends?

When a girl and a guy are really good friends people ask one of them (usually the girl) whether they are actually something more. They always insist that the feelings they share are and always will be one of brotherly and sisterly love. Bullshit, I hear some of you say, it is impossible for them to spend so much time with one another without developing romantic feelings for one another. But is that really true?

This dilemma has come to my attention a lot more, now that I go to a mixed school. The thought that I cannot simply have a friend that is of the male gender without them having romantic feelings for me, in all honesty, freaks me out. The idea that a great friend could possibly like me in that way puts a strain on our relationship. See, if he did like me I wouldn’t know what the appropriate reaction should be. The issue is the other way round too. It would be pretty disastrous if I could not be friends with guys without having feelings for them as I would over analyse everything.

Now personally I am still undecided as to whether a girl and a guy can just be friends without any romantic feelings.  I really want to be able to say yes, it is possible for a girl and a guy just to be friends. However, it is possible that this is just for my own selfish reasons, so I can be surrounded by beautiful boys and say they are my friends. So how do I find a definitive answer to this issue?

Let’s start with movies. How many movies have we seen that have best friends that are a boy and girl and one of them is in love with the other? One movie that springs to mind is 'Valentine's Day'. A character, one that I can not remember the name as I was too preoccupied figuring out how everyone was linked with one another, said that the reason his marriage was so successful was because he married his best friend.

Then there’s novels. Teenage fiction if full of soppy love stories that have friends falling in and out of love with another. It doesn’t matter if the book be world renowned or written by the people on WattPad, this topic creeps up in all kinds of books. Even the amazing Harry Potter has this friendship based love. Romione forever.

Now I don't know if you remember but this also happened in 'Kim Possible' (yes, I am referring to a cartoon for guidance.) Her best friend was in love with her for years before they got together. It seems that we have been bombarded with this 'you’re friends, you must like each other' from the age where we could barely understand what a friend meant. But that’s not to say it happens in real life.

Yes, these fictional stories must have some truth in them but I refuse to believe it happens for all the boys and girls who are just friends. It might be just me being stubborn as always but I really have a big issue with this stereotype. Is it that hard to remain just friends with someone of the opposite sex?

I guess to prove my point I’m just going to have to go and become friends with someone who in my mind I could never be attracted to: a cheater. Although, if the theory does turn out to be true, and we end up dating, I’m in for a lot of heartbreak.


Mini Thoumine said...

Whoop whoop! Go Rominone

WishesOfACrazyGirl said...

Well first I would like to say Dramione rules and should exit. Also you an be friends with a guy without having love interest easily and people who are enemies or argue a lot and are not that close friends are way better couples for stories and I know people who are friends with guys and I also was friends with a guy. No love interest spewed up so go have friends that are guys. Butt lets say you do end up liking a guy that's your friend sad luck and your friendship is ruined.

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