Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ye’ new school shoes

HOW MUCH? £59.99
I’ve started College, and have decided to walk up a ginourmously huge hill every day. So, my mother decided that I needed some good walking shoes. After some, only half hearted moaning on my part, she was going to buy me shoes! She took me to Clarks. I have to admit that some of the shoes in there were lovely. Belle is the self-confessed ‘shoe-a-holic’ but my love’s pretty big (burrowed, but big) too and as someone else - *cough* mother *cough*- was buying them for me I allowed my eyes to wander to the ‘expensive section’ where I picked up my new school shoes. Tan, real leather brogues! The height of fashion and extremely comfortable. Two Birds, one shoe... that’s the saying, I didn’t only buy one shoe!

Reviewed by Zee

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