Monday, 24 September 2012

Don’t overload your brain with Fan-Fiction. Seriously, or else there will be dire consequences.

I was introduced to Fan-Fiction last year, and I love (and hate) my friend for showing me that beautifully, dreaded place. Fan-Fiction (for those that don’t know) is a place where all fan girls (and boys, don’t hide there are some out there) go to live out their crazy fantasies about, book, TV and film characters, YouTubers and everything else under the moon and stars.

I think that it is wonderful that so many people have been touched by whatever they have read/ watched/ heard/ played, that they feel the urge to sit at a computer screen and write down their thoughts and fantasies, and put them onto the Internet, so that EVERYONE in the whole wide world can see them. Scary? Just a tad.

After reading quite a bit of Fan-Fiction - some good, some bad and some very disturbing - and getting my friends to read some, I’ve come to the conclusion that some people will be more accepting of the ‘things’ they have read, than some others. I think it’s just how your brain works.

For example, I have read wonderful Drarry (Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy) Fan-Fiction tales that have led me to ship the characters, in my head. If Drarry actually happened in real life, - well, as real as a story book can get - I think I would cringe and stop watching. Why? I’m not sure, maybe the fact that I’m not ready for my ‘deep, dark fantasies’ to be acted out. I have also read some amazing Dramione (Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy) stories. Now these two ‘ships’ can’t really survive together, unless, Draco was actually bisexual and divorced Harry, to get with Hermione (or the other way around.) Now don’t mock me, this is the stuff ‘fangirls’ think about.

However, when I asked my fellow fangirl about who she ‘shipped’ she said she hated the idea of ‘Dramione’… I gasped in shock and stared at her, but once I had stopped seeing red, I thought about it and realised that I could never see Ginny and Draco - Dranny? Ginco? - the ship just seemed odd.

Don’t be misled, there are fan fiction tales about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! The other day I found Fan-Fiction written for the 1986 Disney film ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ where the two protagonists, both mice, enter Pop Idol. This is again an example of how people’s, I’m sorry, Fan-Fiction writers think. Slightly disturbing? I’m with you on that one.

In the twenty first century where children’s imagination is being destroyed as they become less interested in the magical art of stories, and more fascinated in the computer screen, I feel that sites like Fan-Fiction and Wattpad (where the majority of books written, or typed, are books that have been born from an original-ish idea and aren’t related to an already written story) are really important and they give out the message ‘that it’s okay to let your imagination run free’.

However there is only so far imagination can run, just like a person. Use me and my Dranny/Ginco problems. I can’t make myself think about that, as it is just too weird and a little bit too strange, even for me. Unfortunately, whatever you do to try and get those ships and ‘other pairings’ out of your head they stay there forever… and they really do haunt you.

So what am I trying to say? Let your imagination run wild, but not too wild. Dream as big as possible because it’s all in your head and it’s only you who can make those dreams come true.

Written by Zee

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