Saturday, 22 September 2012

Genie’s salon- 5 Makeup essentials

We all have that makeup that we just love and can’t live without- the products that have served us so well over the years. They’re the ones which we treasure and thank for making us feel and look a million dollars. I myself have lots of products that I have tried and used over my relatively short life. Of course I have different things for each different look but there are five basics that I can’t live without. So, here these beauties are.

I shall start from the bottom layer up.  So first comes the concealer – ’17, Hide Away, Concealer Cream.’ Now the brand 17 isn’t big and it’s not seen as a great brand to buy your make up from but this concealer works. I first bought this as a cheap ‘I HAVE RUN OUT OF MAKE UP’ solution being the broke teenager that I am. It costs about £3.99 in Boots and it lasts so long. It’s not heavy and you can use it by its own or under foundations so it is perfect for a quick touch up.

For foundation my best friend is ‘Maybelline, Dream Matt Liquid’.  I know liquid foundation can be quite heavy on your face but I feel this does the job properly and doesn’t clump so it’s great. It also doesn’t give you that shiny face look- not attractive. I know people are worried about liquid foundation clogging up their pores  and if you are worried about it my only advice is that you should make sure that you take all your make up off in the evening before bed. (I always forget so I will look like I am forty in the next few years.)

My third friend is my blusher - ‘Benefit, Posie tint’ to be exact. I know what you are thinking, ‘Benefit’s really expensive, how on earth do I afford that?’ I know that Benefit is expensive but trust me it’s so worth it. The pot costs about £20 but it last practically a life time. I’ve had mine for a year now and it still hasn’t run out and I don’t think it has any plan in running out soon. I absolutely love this product ‘cause it also doubles up as a lip tint. So if you’re going to buy it think of it as two products for one. That would only make £10 each.

Now for the eyeliner. This has been a really new buy for me, as in I bought it like two weeks ago, but I have already fallen for its amazing ways. ‘Maybelline, master precise, liquid eyeliner’ has got to be the most precise eyeliner I have ever used and trust me I have used many (I went through the phase where black circles around my eyes were the look to have.) It has a really thin tip so you can do light eyeliner but it also means you can do different styles. I have had so much fun just trying different styles, loving the rock chick with this product. You can do the flicks practically identical.

Now, no look would be complete without mascara. It’s really hard to find a good mascara, I’ve tried and tried and tried and when I found this product I was over the moon. No, I mean it; I was literally jumping up and down when I saw how well it worked.  The ‘Body Shop, Divide & Multiply Mascara’ is the product I use when I need my eyes to have a little bit more pizzaz.

Written by Genie

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