Friday, 14 September 2012

Genie’s Salon- Let’s fake it: natural beauty

The thing that teenagers have been dreading for the whole of summer is back. Yes, you’ve got that right: school. Now you could say that for some the fear of exams is back on their minds, but for us (more shallow) girls we have far more important priorities: how on earth to look good in school, without looking like you’re wearing 3kg of makeup. Whilst I’d love to keep you under the pretence that I just wake up beautiful, that’s an utter lie. There are steps, and here’s the first one.

The first step to the look is what your base coat is like. There are three main things you really need for this: moisturiser, concealer and foundation.  The first thing us girls must do is moisturise. It’ll make sure that anything you put on your face won’t clump and crack. It also helps your skin keep its elasticity. Aka you’re less likely to get wrinkles. Once you have done this it’s the most annoying part: the concealer and foundation! 

The key to this if making sure you have the right shade, I cannot stress how important this is- unless you fancy looking like a wotsit. For the concealer I personally go for a shade lighter than my actual skin tone, just because it’s going under my eyes where I want my bags to looks lighter rather than darker.

As for the foundation, get the closest thing to your skin tone. You may want to go for something darker to make yourself feel like you have a tan but I am telling you there is nothing worse than a foundation line. Trust me, you will not get anywhere with your make up if you have the wrong shade. Here comes the part where it actually goes on your face. 
Now, not everyone has flawless skin but then not everyone needs a coat of foundation and concealer. You need to individually find the balance of how much you need.  What I can tell you to do is how to put the makeup on- that’s where I actually come in helpful.

First you must put the concealer on- it helps. Place it under your eyes and on spots (only if you absolutely have to.) Rub it in a little bit, if you are going to go on to use foundation. However, if you’re only going to use concealer, rub it completely in.

The next step is the foundation. There are loads and loads of different ways to put on foundation and yet again it’s a thing that you have to learn for yourself (I promise I’m not just being lazy) but I find the simplest way to do it is by starting under the eyes.  Then focus on your t zone, and eventually work it around your whole face. Remember to apply the foundation in the same direction as the shape on your face (the last thing you want is strokes of foundation across your supposedly natural face.)  Once this is all done you can now add a bit more life on your face, with two things: mascara and blusher.

With these yet again I wouldn't go over the top. Remember this is just for school. Even if there is a guy to impress you don’t want to look like you have just spent 3 hours on your make up- even if he is really hot. Your makeup should take you 20 minutes maximum.  

If you follow these steps I'm sure that you will look like the natural beauty queen- even though you’re obviously not. I won’t tell if you don’t. 

Written by Genie, (posted on her behalf by Belle.)

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