Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Just Bought This- Colour Change Nail Varnish

Where from? Boots
How much? £3.99

So this week I have made the absolutely wonderful purchase of 'Magic nail varnish'!

Well, it’s ‘Barry M Chameleon Colour Change Nail Varnish’ to be exact. Yeah, it’s got a catchy name, doesn't it? 

Unfortunately, I don't know the real scientific explanation behind this nail varnish, that's a question you'll have to put towards Brian Cox on Twitter, so I'll just have to call this nail paint 'magic'! Practically worthy to be in Hogwarts.

So, how do we mere mortals use it? Firstly apply a base coat! Then apply the 'magic' to your nails. Now comes the actual magical part... To change the colour you use a clear top coat! This way you can either paint on a cool design or you can paint your whole nail with top coat (which to me sounds a bit strange, if you just wanted a silver nail varnish, just buy a silver nail varnish!)

It's a very cool process and you can create some really fab designs!

This 'magic' is available to buy in blue to purple, purple to silver and pink to purple! All fabulous and really phenomenoms! 

Reviewed by Zee

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