Sunday, 23 September 2012

Size matters

"Size matters", just to quote my biology teacher. Considering my school is primarily boys -and they are boys, they are only the size of giants due to the fact they've been placed on a medieval torture machine and stretched - with a ratio of 6 guys to each girl that was a stupid mistake to make. However, it got me thinking about how in the modern world, size does matter. It's no longer a fact of I'm taller than you or teenage "body builders" (and I use that term loosely) comparing biceps on the train home - something else I've witnessed this week- but size matters in every aspect.

I am small. Petite if you prefer. I stand at a measly 5ft and 1 inch and am a British size 10. I’m the kind of person that annoys all the average height people by asking them to get me things from the top shelf in the supermarket. Not that that matters but I'd like you to get an idea of my littleness. My "new best friend" -which is how he will be referred to seeing as I'm rubbish at thinking up names - is 6ft5. I cannot have any conversation of a decent length with him seeing as sooner or later one of us will get a crick in their neck. This morning for example, he knelt on the floor so we could have a chat face to face for once.

What cracked me up the most was when someone asked me if I would date him. My immediate response was "Why not?" He isn't bad looking and has a lovely personality but then I thought deeper about the height issue and came to the conclusion we'd have 2 options:
Option a) I carry round a box to stand on when I want to speak to him.
Option b) He kneels on the ground every time we need to talk or whatever...
Neither of these seemed a feasible option to be honest. So another one bites the dust. Metaphorically speaking.

And it's not just height people look at. Many of my male friends play rugby and apparently (not that I would know...) it's all about size, strength and courage. If you are twice the size of the opposing team, you're going to feel way more confident about beating them. All I know is that I wouldn't enjoy having my friend Nico run head first at me considering he's about 6ft1 and built like a brick privy.

For women however, it seems to be about being as slim as you can be. I know I'm never going to be a size 6 (British sizes lovelies, I am British after all), I'm just too much of a biscuit lover for that. And plus, life would be boring if I was constantly trying to "maintain my figure". Yeah fine, eat healthily and all, after all the body is a temple (a temple of doom) but it’s about being a healthy size that you want to be, not what society says is right. And after all, why buy a body-con dress if you have no curves for it to cling to?! 

Now, I'm not saying that being thin is wrong, or being fat is wrong either. But your size does matter to your health. So if we want the human race to survive long enough to do some scientific experiment to see whether size does matter ;) well, we'd best stop trying to perform for society and do what's best for our health. 

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