Saturday, 15 September 2012

Life Lessons- Some rules are made to be lived by
There are always those people in life who disobey rules, whether this be your average school child being naughty or the mugger that breaks the law, people disobey rules. However, what if you were creating your own rules on how to live you life? Would you keep to them? Now I am not talking about simple things such as 'don't eat yellow snow', but big life rules that shouldn't go by unnoticed and that allow you to carry on living your life.
In the past year a lot has gone on in my life, and I had some very big realisations about life and I've come to the conclusion that there is a need to live your life by some rules. So here’s where I get all deep and meaningful... 

Many people have experienced something that has stopped them in their path through life, whether it's not being able to go on a school trip, to not being accepted into the university they wished to go to. These things are our life choices and it's perfectly ok to be dismayed by this choice not going the way you want it to. However, I feel that the way some people mope around for months and months after something doesn't go the way they've planned is ridiculous! 
Therefore I created Rule number 1:  'Everything happens for a reason!' Because it does, life isn't going to be plain sailing for everyone on earth, it’s literally impossible for everyone to get exactly what they want in life. There would also be some very huge houses and a lot of people winning the lottery!

The second rule is something that Belle said to me quite a while back while we were walking around Denham. And this lovely girl said to me rule 2: 'You can fall in love with anyone, there are no soul mates'.This sentence stuck in my brain and when I was thinking about life one day, as you do, I knew that I would have to add it into my rules about life. I want the fairytale alright, but the principle of a soul mate is ridiculous- there are six billion other people out there! If soul mates exist then most people are also destined to be forever alone.

Rule three is, 'you can't plan everything about your future.' You have no idea what will really happen in two months, let alone two years. This is the rule I feel most passionately about and it’s also the one I find the hardest to follow. Many of my friends are thinking about their futures and hoping that they will turn out how they plan, but none of them know exactly what is going to happen. If they don’t get whatever they have planned for their future, will they be happy with what they ‘end up with’ instead? So live for today, plan a little bit, but be happy with whatever happens in the future, even if it’s not quite what you may have wished for.

I haven't told many people about these rules- only ones I feel can understand what I say. However, when I was talking to one of my friends he said that he also had rules and I asked him what they were. When he told me, I was happy that someone else shared the same views as me and it also made me certain that people should make some rules for themselves, and here's why.
1.    When things go wrong in life you won’t be able to move on and look towards the next big thing, and you also won't regret any of the choices you make.
2.    Many people look for 'their soul mate' and therefore miss out on a lot of love because they are too focused on one person, or are too focused on finding that person. What happens if the person you claim to be your soul mate breaks up with you? Are you never meant to be happy again? I don't believe so.
3.    When life goes a little wrong, as I'm sure it will, you have something that will guide you onto your next step in life. Also, looking at the rules you have created for yourself may give you strength in order to succeed in whatever that next step might be.
So although I know rules aren't for everyone, I feel that what I've learned should be shared. You learn something new every day (or at least you should), so let yourself learn about you and how strong you can really be in those horrible situations life throws at you. 
Written by Zee

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