Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday's Music Mix #3

Mini says I always seemed to remember this song even though I've never watched the film. However, it's been my song this week because I've had to get back into playing my flute, the hunk of metal that it is. My flute is so dented and battered seeing as I've had it 8 years now and the only song it seems to play nicely is Colours in the wind. When you're playing it solo it's a reasonably hard piece because of the odd breathing and rather high notes in some parts! However, when I finally got around to sitting down and playing this piece for the first time in around a year (I've been working towards it slowly for the past 3 weeks) I remembered why I loved the song so much. It's almost lullaby like when played as a solo piece without the orchestra and if my rusty fingering and battered flute can make it sound half decent, imagine what the real version is like.

Belle saysIt’s in what I call my ‘thought’ playlist on iTunes for when I’m in my dreamy mood thinking of fictional places with sunsets and knights in gleaming armour- I’m a princess at heart. This is certainly one of the less depressing songs on that playlist. I think in film, so when I think with this song, I think of smiling faces captured on home videos, people running around a collection of trees on a hill and young love. It’s a song filled with hopes and dreams, and each guitar strum is like a little pitter patter of fingers down your spine- if you’re willing to open your mind in that metaphorical sense. It’s really very lovely.

Zee says…Having been a lover of McFly since their debut '5 colours in her hair' I have had their 'Motion in the Ocean' Album since it came out. So believe me when I say I'm shocked at the fact that I only heard this song for the first time last Monday! I know! And it's amazingly wonderful! A far throw from their normal boy band music, this acoustic ballad has wonderful lyrics as well and I thought that as I have just made a new discovery I shall share it. And so I have! Now go listen as McFly really are a fabulous set of boys!
Genie says I have just been hooked on this song from the first moment I heard it. I just can’t help but just get up and dance when it comes on my iPod. This can be a small problem when I am studying, but oh well. I absolutely love Of Monsters and Men so I went insane when I saw I could finally buy a physical album of theirs in England. It’s been playing non-stop in my room, and now all of the girls down my corridor know all of the words.  I don’t know whether it’s the strong beat or the catchy piano intro, or the amazing singing in the chorus that just makes my ears go “Never stop listening!” Maybe, and this is probably the most accurate reason, it just makes it feel that summer is still here.

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