Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday's Music Mix #1


MINI SAYS…I've been listening to this tune constantly having started school and all. It’s just a good laugh really, seeing the difference between the band's view on school life and mine. The upbeat tempo of this and the contrast of his views against mine just made me more positive about going back. I love the lines in the first verse, "I used to push the biggest weights, I fooled myself I ran the place," and I’ve found some guys like that at my school already- lucky me! Reading in between the lines of the song, it pretty much sums up the youth of today. Many people tend to think that they're more important than they are. They 'rule the school' and assume that they can do the same in the real world, but are then shocked to find that they can't and want to go back to the peak of their life: high school. It gives hope to people like me, background people, that we might be the ones who actually survive the real world. What’s the best thing about the song? I didn't have to pay for it. iTunes does a free download each week, and this was the free song about 3 weeks ago. I'd suggest you have a mosey on down there. A new single for free each week? What's not to like?


BELLE SAYSThis isn’t one of Faith’s better known (or louder) works, but that doesn’t stop it being powerful. I love the indirect negativity of this song; it’s just so unbelievably passive and accepting. Oh, and her voice, I absolutely love her voice- mainly because I love the Hackney accent. It’s husky and soothing all at the same time. Her voice is like a breath of slow-moving warm air up your spine- it’s calming and chilling at the same time (hoping that doesn’t sound too weird.) She’s a contradiction in every way, but it damn fits. Her songs always ooze with elements of the 1940s, and yet they’re also entirely modern. This song appeals to that quiet and insecure place inside each of us- the place which makes us just want to give up. It’s thoughtful, and relevant to each individual. It’s almost like it’s fed up and content with the world. As for the less philosophical among you, the one thing you can get from this song is the feeling of absolute glamour. And when it comes to glamour, especially the old kind, no one does it quite like Faith. She is the definition of fabulous, in every way.


ZEE SAYS The upbeat and catchy tune has put this song at the top of my favourite songs list since it was released back in April. Written and performed by YouTuber Alex Day, the guy who has no record label, but still got to number 4 in the charts at Christmas (above Coldplay may I add.) This song is different from his usual songs. With a more raw… no, I hate when people use the word raw to describe music, let's use ‘natural’ instead. With a more natural sounding backing track, this song will definitely put a bounce back into your step and banish those back to school blues-that cheesy enough for you? I also just have to comment on the music video he made and put onto YouTube, it was a great concept and also fitted in with the lyrics amazingly well (unlike a lot of random music videos these days…) I really, really love this song and am still humming it wherever I go! I feel like one of Snow White’s dwarves (not because I’m small) humming a more modern version of ‘Heigh Ho’, and yet the nature of the song means that I don’t even care what people think of me, if they hear me.


GENIE SAYS... The Script and was not a collaboration that I was looking forward to; The Script’s song writing and the Rapper’s upbeat R&B style in my head didn’t fit. I was dreading the release of the new single, expecting it to be a complete disaster.  I'd put off hearing the single for about two weeks, but when I first heard it I was completely shocked to find out that I was listening to ‘Hall of Fame’. You see I was happily grooving along to the song in shotgun (I know I am much too cool) when my sister proceeds to tell me that I was listening to ‘Hall of Fame’. Ever since then I have been completely hooked to the song. I loved the merge of both genres. It was the rapping, and the singing, the lonely piano and the electronic drum beat- it all balanced out. Another thing that got me was the lyrics. They were really inspiring, but not just in ‘you can be world known’, but being the best in whatever profession you are in- no matter what it is. So ‘Hall of Fame’ is my tune of the week. It has amazing vocals, backing music and has founded some inspiration, plus it didn’t hurt to have Danny in it- let's just say I appreciate a lot more than just his music.

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