Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday’s Music Mix- #2

‘Sunset Borderline’- Sandi Thom
Mini saysYes, I know it's old, but I love it. It simply has to be my song of the week, mainly because I've been attempting to learn how to play it on the guitar. It's a sweet song telling the story of a girl and her high school sweetheart. The first line, "a simple scent of summer," was what caught me as I spent a week on a farm which is a very different summer scent! However I did see the sun setting most days over the fields or rising over the sea and it was pure beauty to behold it so it also reminds me of that. The song itself is quite bittersweet in the fact that she's desperately trying to find all these things that remind her of the past and I very sadly admit that I've been doing that this weekend. I've had a lot of "if only..." moments recently because I've come to the conclusion that I'm probably going to change over the course of sixth form and I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing. It's also to do with the fact that I'm not as close physically to some of my very closest friends now, we've all moved to different places and I'm not sure how to cope. So as this song plays on, I'll be thinking of them. Of summer, of life, love and loss and the friendships along the way.

‘This Kiss’ (Cover)- Alex Day feat. Carrie Hope Fletcher
Belle saysI know, it’s another Alex Day song. Gosh, isn’t he popular? Funny thing is I wouldn’t have even listened to his work if it wasn’t for Zee’s post last week. Strange right? Well, it’s simple as I pretty much love everything about this song. The tones of their voices are gooooorgeous. Yes, I am for once complimenting a girl. As for the music video, it’s adorable. They hold pinkies throughout most of it (I will go down with this ship.) It just makes it more adorable if they actually are just friends. There’s also this really funny thing right at the end of the video- well, at least I found it funny. It’s to do with Carrie, just so you know. The one thing that I didn’t like about this video? Apparently Alex thinks caveman is the new hipster. I just don’t understand what he’s wearing. It quite literally doesn’t agree with my eyes. Oh, the music…? It’s really quite addictive and catchy. It seems that catchy really is Alex Day’s thing.  

‘We are never ever getting back together’- Taylor Swift
Zee says Oh, Miss Taylor Swift, how I love thee! This wonderfully talented woman is again rocking the girl power and is singing about finally getting rid of the guy who drags you down. Taylor (I have known her so long that I feel that first name basis is appropriate) has turned away from her more soulful tracks to give us something a little more pop-y and dance-y. Some Taylor fans like it, and some don't. For someone who knows all her tuneful ditties off by heart I love it! I must admit that the video is a bit strange… some would say ‘quirky’, and is definitely different from her usual wonders through the woods and car journeys.  She's showing a different side to her and shows that she can sing about breaking up, as well as her most favoured topic, being in love! 

‘Ready or Not’- Bridget Mendler
Genie says For this song I have YouTube and a few hours of procrastinating to thank. I stumbled on this fine tune when studying Maths. Of course I didn’t actually study but just spent about two hours clicking different songs in the ‘Related Videos’ box and how glad I am that I did waste those two valuable hours. Now ‘Ready or Not’ is one of those songs that I have a feeling will be on the chats soon. (I wouldn’t know as I gave up listening to the radio about a year ago.) The fact that it is one of those songs put me off it at the beginning but by the last minute of the song I was positively hooked.  It has, what I would call, an original pop beat. In all honesty it just makes me bob up and down just thinking about it. Plus she has added some great harmonies to the song that really show off her voice. It would have been my summer anthem if I had only discovered it but it will now be my pick me up anthem and it is already on my iTunes playlist that is reserved to make me happy and dance. Bridget has just created a fantastic song, the lyrics are also a work of genius; my favourite being ‘You’ll be my William and I’ll be your Kate’. Any song that ships Will and Kate is amazing in my eyes.

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