Thursday, 13 September 2012

Music with Mini- ‘Wings’, Little Mix

As you’ve probably already worked out, summer is over and autumn is upon us. That means the X-Factor taking over, and I feel music will change. I’m not entirely sure whether I should be glad or sad about this. For example, at this time of the year the previous X-Factor winners (and runner ups in most cases) bring out a single. It's an autumn tradition which again has occurred this year.

I'd known about Little Mix bringing out their first single for a while due to the seemingly ridiculous (and tedious) amount of hype surrounding it. I admit I was suspicious. They'd emphasised in interviews that the style of their new music (not that they had old music, but you get my drift) was rather different to the type that they'd been singing on the X-Factor. Again, I was unsure as we've heard artists use this spiel again and again and yet with many songs in modern times you can't tell one from another.

I admit I'm not an X-Factor addict. I tend to watch the preliminary auditions, laugh at the people who think they can sing but can't, gasp and sob at those few amazing singers and then wait until the final until I watch it again. So when I saw ‘Wings’ had hit the number one spot I just kind of brushed it off. I assumed it to be just another song people buy for no reason whatsoever. And then, out of curiosity I guess, I sat down and went onto Vevo and actually listened to the song.

To say I was amazed was an understatement. The song is a clever and witty response to the naysayers (myself included) who felt that there were people with better vocals in last years line up. The soulful sound produced by the group seemed something beyond comprehensible for four girls of their age. We must remember that they're only in their late teens and very early 20s. I sat through much of it with my eyes closed and focused on the stunning vocals which the song subtly shoved to the foreground due to the limited backing music. It felt almost as if I was listening to the song a capella which just made the message given out more powerful.

I was enthralled. Rarely am I obsessed with a particular song to that extent with variety being the spice of life and all. That was until I found the acoustic version. The harmonies were set with such precision and the old soul style of the song was so evident that I felt like crying with happiness, so much so that I've been wandering around all day muttering the lyrics to myself. The shop keepers must all think I'm mad.

And the bad bits? I can't say none as everyone's got an opinion which I assume will be expressed. However I'll stick to the fact I didn't like the giant daisy on Perry's shorts in the video and hope this new breed of girl power group take on the world and "don't let nobody bring them down."

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