Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Best- #1 When you don’t have enough time

I was gonna’ call this my ‘when you’re in a hurry, and don’t quite have the time or the willpower to take the ironing board out’- but that’s hardly the most concise on names… I’ll be honest with you, this most certainly isn’t my best Sunday best, it’s a very toned down version of it. I just wanted to ease you into it, and give more options to the more casual of you. As for my formal lassies out there, I’m sure that next week you’ll be in for a treat.

But this outfit quite literally is the easiest outfit to compose, whilst still looking like you’ve made an effort. Let me dumb down what you’re going to need for this outfit: a chiffon blouse/any blouse, a chunky granny knit, a pair of jeans, a pair of pumps or sandals, a ‘hard’ necklace, a bulky ring and a bright purse.

First lemme’ explain what I mean by ‘hard’. It’s as simple as the necklace having to be the opposite of the chiffon shirt which is ‘soft’. I absolutely love love love the juxtaposition of hard and soft. It gives feminine outfits a more edgy and rocky feel. It’s simply fabulous.

Now, my explanation for why it makes you seem like you made an effort: it’s just so much more than a jeans and t-shirt. It’s the accessories which make this outfit, and they’re luckily the stuff which you’re never ever going to have to iron. Pick your accessories wisely; they shall define who you are. The type of jeans and shirt you were determine the quality of ‘canvas’ you pick, but the accessories they show how you use the paint; they’re basically how you want to present yourself.

What’s my favourite thing about this outfit? The colour green. Even with the white shirt and blue ring, the outfit still needs a bit of a pop or else it seems a little dark. The green purse gives the outfit this bit of pop- it gives it a bit of life. Also, you’ll notice as time goes on, I adore the colour green, especially lime green. Only thing I’d change? I wish I had a clutch which was lime green. The best I’ve found is a green clutch on asos (link directly below) but I’m still holding out for that perfect hue of lime green.

Wondering where it’s appropriate to where this outfit? I went out for lunch with my girl friends (if I’d put those two words together I’d be at risk of sounding American) and felt fabulous. I absolutely love wearing heels, but when I knew I was going to be shopping later on in the day I knew wearing them wouldn’t be a great idea. It’s the perfect mix of femininity, old school and modern geometric shapes. I love it! If you want added ‘oomph’ (aka added fierceness) replace the purse with a shopper bag and killer sunglasses, and you’ll look ready to hit the town, or just a passing pedestrian with the size of that shopper bag.

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