Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Rules of a Lady- Thou shall always check their own appearance

There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as having to tell your friend that they have a certain intruder stuck in or on their teeth, for both parties. It’s the mint stuck in mouth situation. We’ve all been there, it’s inevitable.

Picture this, there’s you looking at them dead on in the eye, whilst you’re also engaged in the middle of a conversation with four other people. So you keep staring, trying to catch their gaze whilst you still keep that piece of mint under strict watch in the corner of your eye. Finally you get their gaze and you spend the next few minutes scratching your tooth, trying to hope they get the picture, but they never do, and you look like the bigger idiot for trying to help them. To everyone else, all you’ve done is spent the last four minute scratching your tooth.

In order for you to not look like such a fool, it’s kind of your friend’s role to do you the favour. So try all you can to avoid these circumstances by being aware of you appearance. If you’re the friend try to be strategic about how you handle the situation. If your friend has something leaving nose, perhaps go to blow your nose and ask if they would like a tissue themselves. But please, be the person who spares embarrassment for themselves and their friend: be aware of everything.

I once had a friend who looked stunning in a bikini, apart from one thing. She had rushed to put her bikini on, and hadn’t put it on partly, and everyone could see part of the good china. That’s embarrassing for everyone, so much so that I never told her. Yes, you might have been the ‘bikini girl’ everyone was talking about.

Written by Belle

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