Friday, 14 September 2012

The Rules of a Lady- ‘Thou shall never go to a party emptanded’

Having just started a new school, I think I can safely say that the party scene is on the horizon. Now, I’m not talking about birthday parties with a children’s entertainer. No, I’m sure that you can all tell that I’m referring to the kind of party where the only entertainers are the people so completely out of their minds that they can’t even tell what they’re doing. Yes, I’m talking about house parties.

You might think that it’s a little ironic to have etiquette at a house party, especially when the things done at house parties are far from prim and proper. I’m not telling you to remind people to not spill cherry liquor over the white carpet or to throw up directly into the toilet, rather than on the seat. No, I’m just telling you to pay your host a common courtesy, at a time when they can still remember what you did. In fact, it’s the same courtesy which in my opinion should be paid when attending any kind of party- it’ll certainly put you in their good books. I always think of the potential of anyone being my boss in the future- it makes me more willing to be kind and generous.

It really is as simple as never go to a party empty-handed. Now, of course some of you might say that this is dependant on the nature of the party, but a bottle of bubbly never goes amiss. This rule is essential when visiting birthday parties. All it takes is a card and a pair of earrings (of course, do note whether your host has their ears pierced first) and the host will be as happy as Larry. Whilst they might not remember what present you gave them once a year has passed, they most certainly will remember if you were the person who showed up and didn’t give them anything.

Here's where some of you may disagree. I keep to this rule even if I don't attend the party. A gift is not a payment for the amazing time you've had, but a gift. They were kind enough to invite you, now be kind enough to give them something which resembles your gratitude.

P.S. The rule about giving a gift even if you don’t attend the party doesn't really apply to house parties, as grateful as they might be if you do greet them on a Monday morning with a six pack of Stella Artois, others might look upon you as a bit of a suck-up, and it’ll probably get confiscated.

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