Friday, 28 September 2012

“Thou shall always give up their seat to those who need it”

You should know this, and you should do this, but some of us just don’t seem to feel that this is our obligation anymore, despite the fact it was drummed into our head as kids. Whilst it may be pretty hard to admit that someone might really need that seat more than you, it’s true. We’re talking the elderly, pregnant women or even someone who’s a lot more exhausted than you. 
I’m gonna’ start sounding like your parents now but, think of it as paying it forward. When you’re pregnant or old or just ridiculously tired someone might just repay the favour, and you’ll be glad that they did. The only thing that might validly stop you from giving up your seat is those pesky people who decide to stand by your seat. Y’know the people who I’m talking about, the ones who when there’s space in the areas of the train carriage between the clumps of seats will still insist on standing in-between the seats, in the hope that they’ll get a seat easier when they get off. Yeah, another thing, don’t be that person. Well, I know the issue. Trying to offer someone else your seat only for that pesky hyena to nick it before you have the chance. Well, at least you tried, and do feel free to stare them down for the rest of the journey, especially if they’re just a lazy young ‘un- I willingly endorse popping your bitchface on.
Now, there’s this one dilemma that does occur with people when they follow this rule, and it’s the main reason as to why people don’t bother anymore. How do you know that they’re pregnant? Now that’s a tricky one, even I’ll admit. Look for signs. For starters, if it’s a man, chances are he’s not pregnant (I know, clever right?) Perhaps they’re rubbing their stomach or they’re just large in such a way that it couldn’t merely be fat.
If all else fails and you think you’ve offended someone, a lady always knows how to blab her way out of an awkward situation- always.
Written by Belle

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