Sunday, 9 September 2012

Here's a little ditty...

Hello there and welcome to our blog.

We've been anxious about opening this up for a while, so please be kind. Basically, if you're going to be a troll, we would request that you do it politely- we appreciate good manners. So yes, back to where we began. This blog is a little important to us. It's like our baby, so whilst there was no painful labour process to produce it we will still be pretty hurt if you offend it. Call us fat and ugly, but if you slate our blog too harshly we will probably have to get our less emotional friends to show us affection by stroking us with brooms (hoping that someone out there has seen that gif on tumblr.)

But, on a serious note, we do thoroughly hope that you enjoy reading this blog. We hope it will somehow teach you something or help towards brightening your day. There are links links everywhere to help you understand what on earth this little emporium is about. We're the girls who want it all but can't afford to pay for most of it. We're Veruca Salts in mind but have Cinderella's wallet. We desperately try to be uncompromising whilst economising. We're essentially girls who want bikini bodies but still want our daily packet of hobnobs on the side. We're a rare kind of cynical dreamers- girls who want the fairy tale even though they're also adamant that it doesn't exist. One thing that you'll learn is that we most certainly want it all, every last drop of it- not that we're greedy, obviously. When you grow up in London (even if it be in the suburbs) there are opportunities everywhere. And dayuuum yes, of course you want them all for yourself. Call it selfish, we call it human. 

What’s the best bit? Of course the fact that we want to share what we've learnt and experienced with you! We won’t be the only one to benefit. Gosh, aren't you lucky?

Welcome to our world.

Well, without further ado let the posts commence.

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