Thursday, 20 September 2012

Music with Mini- ‘Oh, let’s go back to the start,’- Coldplay
Music changes. A lot. It changes with time, with genre and apparently with artist however that's not so apparent these days. This, is my problem. So much of modern music sounds so similar that I just end up resorting back to the old stuff. I go back to the music I was brought up on and then look at modern music and worry. If this is all we can come up with we've got problems.

I was my parent’s first child. Music is a big thing in our household, the radio is constantly on in whichever room you may be in and there's always someone singing along to the song playing. I was brought up on my parents favourites; an extensive collection ranging from The Beatles and Elvis, to Fleetwood Mac, Genesis (whom my mother adored but my dad couldn't stand) and Queen. At the weekends my dad and a 6 year old me would head-bang around our kitchen to Queen. There was no escaping what my mom referred to as 'proper music' in our house. The most modern we got was Take That and that was only because my mom had a crush on Robbie Williams.
Now, I have no particular angst against any singers, old or modern. My only problem is the seeming lack of originality in today's musicians. Everyone was so excited about Adele and yes, she has a stunning voice but, the main reason everyone clamoured to buy her album? She was different. She found herself a niche in the market which at the time was overwrought with techno beats and too much auto tuning. She took music back to its roots and paired with her mind blowing voice the combination was lethal.
However, for some reason or other, other artists haven't thought about this. I came across a Facebook post the other day of a pie chart about modern music. It stated that 10% was singing, 20% music and the other 70% was someone rapping something obscene or unintelligible. Again, I have no problem with rap music or rap artists. Like all other things in life, if it is done tastefully and respectively it is fine. However, we seem to have lost that respect and I feel we should be looking back along our musical family tree to find that and find a way to bring originality back into modern music.

You may think I'm going on like an old woman but I do feel this is a problem of epidemic proportions. Seriously, it's a major problem (and I can hear you laughing at me from here). It's a problem to such an extent that a few times recently I've been caught out and sang the wrong words seeing as the songs are that similar. And as anyone would know, singing the wrong words to something, by gosh, that's up there with killing the Queen. Or at least Queen the band.

Written by Mini

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