Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Apple and pear crumble

So this week we had apples and pears and needed something for dessert so I made an apple and pear crumble, but I added something really exciting to the crumble… CHOCOLATE BOURBONS!! Amazing, I know!! However this is one of those desserts that is gonna’ change depending on how big your dish is or how many apples and pears you have. Also, you can add other biscuits such as digestives or rich tea or even porridge oats. So have an experiment and see what mixture is your favourite.


·         Apples x 3-5
·         Pears x 3-5
·         75g butter
·         150g flour
·         75g sugar
·         Half a packet of chocolate bourbons


1.       Cut up the apples and pears into chunky pieces and place them in the dish you have.
2.       Make sure that the pieces lay more or less flat in the dish and sprinkle them with sugar.
3.       Use a food processor to mix the butter and the flour together.
4.       Once it looks like breadcrumbs the crumble is ready and you can sprinkle it over the fruit
5.       Press down the topping with the back of a spoon and put in the oven on Gas mark 5 for 30-35mins.
6.       Serve with custard or ice cream.

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