Saturday, 20 October 2012

Autumn cut

The long, sunny days have been replaced with shorter, darker, wetter ones. It’s time for the jumpers and big woollen socks to come out and the tank tops and shorts to be put back until next year.  Now with the change in clothing and the change of weather it's only natural to have a change in hair style. It’s something with the new term (that for many of us started weeks ago and those lucky Uni students may have just gone back) and the new season that make me just want to change my appearance.
My hairstyle is what my image is normally based on. When I went through my rocky phase I had the fringe that started half way down the side of my head. When I went through my neon phase I just let my curly hair go insane. So you can see how your hair presents your personality. Of course there are hundreds of hair styles that you can have but I couldn't simply say all of them in this post (if you want me to talk about one and how to get it just comment).  What I can do are the trends for Autumn 2012.

The Full Fringe

This has been a cut that all of us have had at one point and we all have hated as well. Some of us have tried to cut it ourselves before and it was just too short or had it as a child and don’t want to ever see it again. The fact is that it can look so flattering and really mature. You need to make sure that it isn’t too short, that it just looks like a tuff of hair on your head, but also make sure that it not too long so people can actually see your eyes and you don’t walk into walls.

The Dark Hair

As the weather is dark so is our clothing and so is the hair. The sun bleached blondes and light browns aren't quite the look the season's going for.  Many people just dye their hair to match their new style. The issue with dying your hair is that the colour that you want to go is not necessarily the colour that is right for you. Many blondes may wish to go brunette but this might just look ridiculous and unnatural. It also can go really wrong. I've got a couple of tips for how to do it right. Firstly, dye it in stages. It may take longer and be more costly but the results are normally better plus it gives you time to grow accustomed to the changing hair colour. Second tip would be do it over a holiday like half term. It means if it all goes wrong you can correct the mistake before anyone of your friends see. You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself now would you?

Hair Down

Autumn is the season to have your hair down. Yes it may be windy and you may want your hair to be put up so it won’t get tangled but that is half the fun in autumn. Also, the issue with having your hair up is that when it goes wind swept it looks worse than when it’s down (that I just woke up look, looks good on only a few people and that is not all of us).  I love having my hair around me, it keeps me warm and I love the feeling of wind in my hair. It’s just amazing.
Those where just a few ideas for autumn hair. I know half of us still want to be on the beach soaking up the sunshine but we just need to embrace the cold season that has arrived. Who knows, it could be fun.

Belle and I rocking two of my autumn suggestions.

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