Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Block colour shirt + giraffe ring

HOW MUCH? £2 (ring), £2 (necklace), £10 (shirt)

So this week I had some money, for about the only time in my life, and I really needed to go shopping! Lucky that, isn’t it? I had heard that New Look had a sale on!! My week just kept getting better and better. Anyway so I went into New Look and Primark and I’ve picked two things from New Look (sale time) and one thing from Primark (that shop has become EXPENSIVE!)

Anyway so the shirt is really pretty and I love the contrasting back and collar. Collar tops are really in fashion right now and I feel like they make every outfit just that little bit smarter, and more glamorous. Also, the layering of the necklace over the shirt just compliments the outfit and the silver contrasts (along with the navy and turquoise) with the gold buttons.

And I just had to show off my new giraffe ring, of which my sister and Belle are really jealous of! I’ve just got into buying more rings, and I love that this ‘quirky’ ring is one of my first in my new collection. It will also jazz up any outfit and people WILL be jealous of you as this ring is pretty cool.

BELLE ADDS A LITTLE MORE When Zee sent me this article I just had to put in something extra. Now, this doesn't exactly count because I didn't really buy them, but I thought it might be nice to share these finds with you! As you can see above, Zee recently bought a new chiffon blouse, and chiffon has been so in this year for blouses and shirts! It doesn't seem to be leaving any time soon! I found these two gorgeous tops from Sainsbury's when I was out with the 'rents doing the weekly shopping.
The navy one is from the 'Gok' range. Its curved lines remind me of the shapes Mini wears. It’s sophisticated and cute all at the same time. Team it with a skinny pair of jeans or a straight pencil skirt, and you've got a work, day and night look with one top! As for the other print chiffon blouse, it's something I could totally see Zee wearing, it's a lot more playful than the other top but its structure also makes it a lot more tailored. This one's from the 'TU' range.
My favourite thing about these tops? They're absolute steals! Go to any other high street shops and you'd have to pay a good £25 minimum, for tops which aren't even as versatile.

HOW MUCH? £18 (White shirt), £16 (navy shirt)

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