Sunday, 14 October 2012


UPDATE: recently I have dip dyed the tips of my hair pink. Yes, I know it’s a little odd but I did it for me and I like it! A lot of other people have said that they like it as well and this makes me happy. 

However, I have found a few old ladies giving me dirty looks on the train but- and this will sound a little strange but bear with me- I have enjoyed random strangers judging me on the colour of my hair!  From a girl who is naturally blonde and gets 'them blonde jokes' all the time it may be a bit odd for me to say this. However, I have enjoyed more of the feeling that those people don't know the real me. They only see the first surface, my looks, fashion sense and texting ability - which is poor let me tell you that!

The people who know the "real" me know that I did this to be adventurous and express some of my crazy personality through my looks and if they didn’t they do now! The people who stare at me on the tube in the morning see a short teenager trying to show off and stand out in a world where she gets hidden... or some sort of other philosophical ‘bull poopy’ like that.

Riding on the train yesterday morning and seeing this granny staring at me on the other side of the carriage reminded me of a wonderful saying! This saying was created by the VlogBrothers a.k.a. John and Hank Green! DFTBA -Don't Forget to be Amazing- is the slogan of these two brothers and not only does it fit into what I am trying to tell you but it’s pretty much an all round awesome saying. It's one of those sayings that you should stick up on a poster somewhere in your room so you can see it every day! 

When I first heard of the VlogBrothers I was amazed at how many different things had spawned from these two brothers talking to a camera and showing their, now, 750,000 subscribers different parts of their lives and thoughts from many places around the world.
If the VlogBrothers hadn’t have taken that step and collaborated together we would never be faced with the wonderful and awesome Vlog Brother movements we have today, Project for Awesome, DFTBA, This Star Won’t Go Out, VidCon (yes, these are the brothers that brought the world that) and my personal favourite, Nerdfighteria. Most people now-a-days are scared to ‘take the leap’ and dive straight into something new. This may be because of many reasons, but it’s mainly to do with fear and the person lacking in knowledge of what might happen to them.
Why are we so scared to take a blind step forward? The worst you could do is piss someone off with a comment, or joke, about something, or a person could really not take a liking to you… But if they were meant to be your friend in the first place they would be welcoming, kind and open to you. And if they aren’t then they aren’t even worth your time.
A lot of people survive on hope. I for one certainly do (as well as my many ‘rules on life’). Hope helps people when they are in great trouble and need something to hold onto in order to continue through the hard times. It also allows people to carry on through times in their lives such as nights out and exams, when they might not even know themselves that they are relying on this hope inside of them.
I personally don’t believe that the VlogBrothers hoped, when they first started on YouTube, that they would have over 750,000 subscribers and several movements that can be traced back to the VlogBrothers channel. They maybe hoped that their videos would be watched by a scattering of people and some of those people would take in the deeper meaning of whatever video had been made that week. But it was that giant leap of faith they took into the unknown, a little like my hair, which did them good, just as my hair has done for me. The way I see it is that we should put 110% into everything we do in life, even though that will be hard at many moments, in order to get 110% out of life.
So live long, prosper and don’t forget to be amazing in all that you do, because, only then will all be well in your life.

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