Saturday, 20 October 2012

Gerri Halliwell and Russell Brand

Woah, woah, when on earth did this happen? Have I seriously been so concerned with school work that I was completely oblivious to this new found fact? Well, that’s a lie, I’ve still been doing plenty other menial things. Then, I just don’t know how I missed this... Had I not been flicking through the Sunday Times’ Style magazine I would have continued to be completely, well, out of the loop per say. Now, I’d like to set the record straight. I personally believe that there is use and depth to most things that I am interested in, but the celebrity dating scene is just one little (or perhaps big) thing that I can’t resist laying my teeth into.
So, word on the street is that they met at the closing ceremony of the Olympics, and they’ve been spotted out and about a couple of times (together, of course). This follows Russell Brand’s split from Katy Perry, which I was pretty sad to hear about. When I heard about this relationship, shock is a dumbed down version of the expression which came sprayed across my face. I suppose I just thought to myself, how? How on earth is this going to work? How long’s it going to work for? I automatically assumed that Brand was Halliwell’s new toyboy. What’s the weirdest thing? They’re only a few years apart, when you’ve grown up with the Spice Girls you automatically assume that Gerri Halliwell should be part of a museum exhibit by now- it’s ever so strange.
The last time I had such an extreme reaction was back in 2009 when news broke that Aaron Johnson was dating Sam Taylor Wood. I was in third form/year 9, so when I heard it my young impressionable teenage heart broke into two. This relationship was, to put it politely, different. Different because not only is she 23 years older than him, but because he was about 19 when they started dating, the idea seemed like a fish out of water, it wouldn’t last long. It was particularly odd because one of Taylor-Wood’s kids is closer in age to him than she is. Being in my young part of my teens, all the girls around me could compare it to was having a crush on your step-dad- yes, just a tad odd.
Yet, when I was watching Anna Karenina, in the credits he was now listed as ‘Aaron Taylor Johnson’ and the couple have two children- they’re still together three years on. This isn’t to say the relationship wasn’t odd, it simply wasn’t a typical, normal relationship. We, as viewers of their world, are quick to assume that ‘odd’ relationships won’t last, because of how quickly celebrity relationships start and end. We judge based on what we’ve seen before. Yet, some of the ‘oddest’ pairings are the ones which have survived. I wish I’d put a lid on some of the things I’d said when I was younger, because their scepticism annoys me. It’s funny to say, that as I’ve gotten older, my head has actually moved further into the clouds. I’ve seen more failures, and more heartbreaks, but I’ve also seen the relationships which work. I’m withholding on the judgement corner a little, because I’m only going to end up looking like a fool.

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