Friday, 26 October 2012


Halloween is one of my favourite times of year because you get to dress up. All those costumes come out and you can do insane with hair and makeup. I spend a while just experimenting with makeup especially for Halloween. For me it’s almost like Christmas just with sweets instead of presents and it’s even better when you have a willing victim, I mean volunteer to put all your makeup skills to the test.
There are just so many styles for Halloween, you can dress up as anything especially in America. However I prefer the classics, zombies, witches, vampires, basically all the scary things as it just more fun creating the image. I am just going to tell you have how to do three types of makeup or hair.

Hollow cheeks and smoky eyes

For me this is the most classically look for Halloween and it is relatively simple to do with just what is in your makeup bag. You’ll need eyeliner, liquid and pencil and black eye shadow. What I would start with is the eyes. Apply the eye shadow (it would work better if it was a power based eye shadow makes it spookier) as you would normal do on your eye but make sure that it is heavier than normal. Brush the eye shadow under the eye as well. (Not where you would put your eyeliner but just underneath your eyelashes.)
Once you have that now is when you get the pencil eyeliner out. You put some of the eyeliner at the part of where your eye meets your nose then you drag it out. Don’t be afraid to go crazy at this point as more this look more is well more. After you’ve done that all you will smudge the eyeliner into the face in the shape that bags would form. You then do the same thing on the upper lid of your eye. Hopefully it should be looking somewhat like this. (Picture here please). Your eyes are almost done just to add the liquid eyeliner. You apply this almost normally just thicker and heavier and just make sure you go all the way around your eyes.
As for the cheeks get your blusher brush out and you have to be willing to be it out really well after using it so you might want to get a cheap one just for Halloween. (You can get them for like £1 at poundland or something along those lines.) Dab your brush in the powder based eye shadow (black of course) and blow any excess powder off. You then apply almost like you would bronzer or blusher but making sure it is just under your cheek bones. For this unlike the eyes sometimes less is more. It depends on your skin tone but the worst comes to worse. Its Halloween you don’t need to look beautiful.

The Backcomb

This is a fairly easy do. A lot of people backcomb their hair quite regularly. (It does cause a lot of split ends so I wouldn’t advise to do it too often.) There is a key to backcombing that I have figured out over the years of experimenting on my poor hair; start from the bottom and work your way to the top. It’s a really good idea to separate your hair in layers and attack each on their own otherwise your hair will just deflate. There is also the issue of how puffy you want your hair to be. If you want it to be crazy then start at your roots and make every single strand of hair is backcombed. If you want a more tame look then again start from the roots just do not backcomb so harshly. Also make sure you give your hair a quick hairspray to make sure everything stays in place.
Halloween is just a time to have fun with your makeup and hair so just go crazy. I know I am going to.

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