Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hennies Haul

Well, I'm a H&M fanatic if there ever was one. Their clothes just seem to look good on me no matter what. I don't understand what's so different about them compared to other shops. I'm not complaining, it's just rather annoying when I'm broke and lusting after all of their clothes. However, this weekend I had money to spend.

I purchased 3 items, however I'll skim over the first because it's not overly exciting. I started with a charcoal grey, loose fit t-shirt from the H&M Basics range. This wasn't a lust item, I actually needed a plain t-shirt. I would have bought a white one too but they didn't have one in my size. It's just a simple scoop neck tee and the sleeves are rolled up slightly. It cost £7.99 and I know I could have probably bought a similar one from Primark for £2 but I know a) this one will last through the washing machine and b) it will fit.

Second item is slightly more exciting. I've really been into skirts recently and have been living in a burgundy cord a-line skirt I got from a Jack Wills Outlet (Bicester Village I love you) but I felt I needed something different. However, it seemed to me, no shops were stocking skirts. There were millions of multicoloured jeans every way you turned but no skirts so I grabbed this one as soon as I saw it. I guess it's quite short but so am I so I suppose it comes up longer on me. I'm wearing on my waist and it's a great figure fixer due to its cut hugging your curves and its dark colour is great for those who feel their butt must be reduced but they don't want to wear black. Plus the mint green skinny belt that comes with it will be used on all other items of clothing I own. That was £14.99, a steal in my opinion.

Last but by no means least, my jumper. Mint green, angora wool blend (they may as well have just put a label on it that states "malts like a wooly mammoth") and it's oh so soft and huggable. It's the one modelled by Lara Del Ray in the campaign however, I didn't buy mine so oversized. It's scoop necked so perfect to wear over a collared shirt as the cooler days draw in or just to wear on its own. I feel I'm either going to sport mine with black skinny jeans, a black leather shopper and heeled boots or tucked into a skirt with a Peter Pan collar. Come to think of it, it would look perfect with one of the pink candy striped Oxford shirts that TopShop is doing at the moment. That would be awesome. It's the perfect statement piece for brightening up your winter wardrobe and should last you through spring as well. Admittedly, it was £19.99 but I have spent more on jumpers in the past. Even in other shops you wouldn't get something that stunning for that amount of money. It's just pure genius.


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