Saturday, 13 October 2012

It's too hot- heat protection

Girls with curly hair want straight hair. Girls with straight hair want curly hair. That's pretty much my conclusion. It's just typical of us to wanting what we don’t have.  Yet, due to the amazing advances in technology we have been able to overcome this disaster. Hair straighteners and curlers have saved us all but they have probably killed our hair in the process.
If you have never used a hair straightener or a curler and will never use one then this post is a bit pointless for you to read. As for the rest of us hair tool users, let's get down to business.
I myself went through a phase where I would use straighteners on a day to day basis. You see, my hair is long and curly. It's not some delicate, bouncy wave owned by a princess but a complete frizz. So to get over my hair problem I would straighten it and hope that it would look a lot more decent, and in all fairness it did. But, I did not realise the damage I was doing to my precious hair until my amazing aunt told me I was burning it to oblivion. As a fourteen year old girl I completely flipped. I thought all my hair was going to fall off or just burn away in front of my very eyes.  Of course nothing of the sort happened but I did become all crazy about heat protection. I made my poor mother buy every heart protection product 'Boots' had at the time. That is no joke. I had heat protection shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask (yes they do exist), a spray for when your hair is wet then a spray for when your hair is dry.  I know everything that you need to ever know about heat protection. I used the products like they were my life and they worked. My hair didn’t smell burned and I stopped getting so many split ends.
Soon after me buying all these products I decided I liked my curly hair, so I would only use the hair straighteners on special occasions. Still, even now two years later I use those products. I know too many people that think that the products are all talk and they never do what they say but trust me they do. The next time you straighten, curl or even blow dry your hair, smell it afterwards. There will be a slight burning smell. Well, what do you expect if you are going to put your hair through 100 degrees Celsius of heat?
It’s going to cost you a bit more but it is so worth it. You want your hair to still be healthy and hydrated till your late 40’s and even past then. There is always the other option and leave the heat products out of the daily routine of making yourself look fabulous. Nah, I would rather keep to the fabulous.

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