Tuesday, 23 October 2012

London halloween fest

Halloween, in my eyes, is American. We Brits do not get overexcited and stuff our faces with sweets (this is candy). I know families that turn off all the lights in the house and hide under the sofa so not to be intruded on by trick or treaters. My mother however is an exception to this rule and each year we carve pumpkins and stuff our faces with chocolate as no kids come to our house begging anyway.

However, London being known for its historical shizz whizz and mystery murders, there are many dark and ghostly tourist attractions in London. Although, having lived here I haven't actually visited many. However, the most memorable experience was around 2 years ago during my October half term, my father and I went into London for the day. The attraction we decided to visit? The London Bridge Experience and Tombs.

Now, I must inform you all that my father is the most squeamish man alive. When my mother was in labour, he called the ambulance and then left her for a few hours to get on with it otherwise the paramedics would have been dealing with a newborn, a new mother and a man with concussion after he'd knocked his head on something or other after fainting at the sight of the blood.

So the 2 of us wandered off up to London. The first thing that happened was a tour/tutorial type thing. When they started taking the insides out of the mannequin I could almost see dad going grey. However, he did manage to survive the removal of the brain by looking away and holding his hand over his eyes.

The second part was a horror maze through the tombs. Now this is one of those things where dressed up actors jump out at you and you're wandering round lost in the dark. Some imbecile decided that it would be a great idea to put me at the front (Einstein!) and I had all these adults in a queue behind me holding onto each other's shoulders like the conga. At some point something happened and I ended up at the back. For my father, the worst part was some little 8 year old girl clutching a teddy bear that stalked him throughout the entire maze. For me however, it was alright until the man from the chain saw massacre jumped out, complete with chainsaw. I'm not sure the businessman in front of me appreciated me grabbing the back of his shirt and hiding in it.

Overall it was rather entertaining. And I did enjoy it. I wouldn't suggest taking young children or people of a nervous disposition into the maze but as long as you're not the one paying for it it's a good day out. This year, I'm trying to convince my father to take me to the Museum of London, to go and see "Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men" which is looking at corpses from ye olde times. Somehow, I'm not sure Dad will survive that one.

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