Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mess it up- L'Oreal studioline matt and messy salt spray

HOW MUCH? Approx. £3.54 (but I bought this on a 2 for 1 offer- bargain)

Why have I posted this in Halloween week? Simple. Halloween is the time when girls start making their hair go just a that tad more mental than usual. It’s the time for backcombing and god knows else. I wanna’ show you a way of getting the messy look without entirely ruining your hair.

I’ve wanted to try the ‘bumble and bumble’ salt spray for years, but have never quite had the wallet to give it a try, so when I found an affordable equivalent, I went a tiny bit crazy. The proposed effect was biggish, slightly messy, beach hair- it was everything I’ve ever wanted. I always wanted ‘the natural look’ for school, like I’d just walked out of bed, looked in the mirror, and though ‘Mmm, yeah’.

The effects for me are variable, but that’s probably because I don’t know how to use it right. It tends to give me tamed bed hair which is pretty much what I wanted from it, especially on the fringe where I need the most volume. I precede it by brushing through my hair because it needs to be fairly slick beforehand to prevent it verging on sex hair- not a good image for school. The salt spray helps to sort of poof it up. Actually... Let me just tell you what my routine is with this.

1.       Brush hair completely so there are no knots, the salt spray is going to make your hair slightly matty, you don’t need extra matts.
2.       Spray it onto of the hair, rather than into the roots, it makes it too sticky for me.
3.       Rush hands through hair, push it up, down, side to side. It’ll become a fairly massive poof.
4.       Hairspray the hair, it’s not gonna’ stay like that by itself.

To be honest, I’m sure the effects are a lot better with shorter hair, mine’s quite long so it tends to drag past the product, so hairspray is a definite necessity when if your hair is long. It’s become an alternate to dry shampoo for me- giving my hair that extra oomph.

Buy it just to try if you like the beachy natural look, it’s a reasonable price. If it doesn’t work too well for you, at least you have a product which smells really good. Yes, that’s one thing you can’t dispute, it smells really good. As for Halloween, if you want something which will help you get the backcombed effect without killing your hair in the process, this will do just the trick!


Vanessa Lucy said...

great tips, espeially for the halloween period :)

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BeautyTricks1 said...

Hello lovely.

Great post! Where did it get it from so cheap? haha been looking to try out salt spray for absolutely ages but find it all a bit too pricey for what it is.

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Can't wait to see more posts.


Belle Culkin said...

Sainsburys, having a look at your blog right now! xx

TheMaiBug said...

Great post, I'm the same with these types of sprays - results are variable. Sometimes I get gorgeous beachy waves and sometimes it just looks flat and sticky. This sounds like a great affordable one to try! Lovely blog, new follower here x

Pretty Little Things said...

Ooh this looks great! I saw the advert and have been wanting to try it out ever since. I love salt sprays, but most are just so expensive! But less than £4? Bargain! :)

AIMEROSE said...

Lovely blog! Check out mine? :)

LaBellaVida said...

I didn't get on very well with this product because of my long hair either!
Great blog!


Jordan Skiles said...

I'm definitely going in search of this product!! I'm all about the messy hair and this sounds like perfection!!


Sophie Emma Harrison said...

I've used loads of different sea salt sprays over the years. I've got shoulder length hair and like you said I like the bed head, volume it gives xx

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