Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday's Music Mix #4

Mini says I heard this song back in spring on Magic (yes, this is what we have in the car. It is my mother’s car and changing the radio station is like commissioning yourself with the death penalty.) I was focused more on the voice than the lyrics so I googled Adam Cohen when I got home. The son of Suzanne Elrod and Leonard Cohen, Adam Cohen is an old time, if relatively unknown, musical sensation. His most recent album, "Like a man" was released in April 2012 and it’s probably his most heartfelt yet. This is what gets me about the song. It sounds like it should be a lullaby. The soft tones and simple guitar lends itself to this and yet the lyrics are something else. If you look them up they're a complete contrast to the song. That’s what I love. It's so easy for some upbeat tempo song to come along, bragging about all the girls they've banged up but for a song which actually talks about loving someone rather than just getting their way with them. It's beautiful. Yes, the lyrics seem absurd but they also seem to fit. It makes it seem like something beautiful and special, which it should be, rather than just another one of those things.

Belle saysAye. Yes, aye. That’s exactly what this song makes me want to say. Mumford and sons have a way of making me become a farmer (well, in my head at least.) It’s like the ghost of my ancestors in Ireland suddenly ‘awake my soul’- see what I did there? Kick back in an old wicker chair, chewing on a bit of grass (or tobacco if you’re a little adventurous) watching a tumbleweed roll across an empty plain when you listen to this song, or at least pretend to. It’s not like it’s soft and calming by any means, but it’s the kind of song where you stay still and the thing that rushes and moves are the thoughts in your mind. If you’re one of the lassies who makes up scenarios when they’re in bed at night, then pop this song on quietly in a headphone and you’ve got the soundtrack to the rom-com playing in your head sorted.

Zee says… As I have just bought Script Tickets to go and see them in March I am listening to all their old songs and this one just jumped out at me. I never really realised how much the lyrics relate to me and my life. Being a person who believes that there is ‘something out there’ - not aliens- but something that will look after us and of which we can put some of our faith and hope in. Also the song is not telling us to ‘Go and believe in God’ but it’s telling us that it’s okay to go against modern beliefs, of evolution, and to look deeper into f our own hearts and find what means the most to us, as facts and figures mean nothing. For the less philosophical ones out there, it’s also just a very good catchy song!

Genie says Call Me Maybe’ was one of those really annoying songs that you could never get out of your head. You loved to hate it. It was my guilty pleasure for a while. Especially the video. I mean, how could it not be? Did you see the muscles on that man? Well, this cover is nothing like it. It’s pure music genius.  It was first performed on Radio 1’s  Live Lounge and pretty much I wish they had written the song. There are some amazing instruments playing in Ben Howard’s cover of the song.  The harmonies are perfection and I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard it earlier. Thank you Ben Howard for making that pop song into something that sends shivers down my spine.

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