Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday's Music Mix #5


MINI SAYS… Seeing as I hadn't heard of this band till last Sunday this really is a "what I've listened to this week". I came across another one of their songs first and enjoyed that, but found this one utterly heart wrenching. It seems odd for a boy band - whose sound I can only describe as an American 'Busted' for those of us old enough to remember who they were - to be singing a) a sad slow song and b) about cancer and religion. It shouldn't work but it had me wailing like a baby as it touched at my heart strings. So many people these days have been affected by cancer, whether they themselves have had it or know someone who has. For such a beautiful song to be out there wishing everyone luck with their disease inspires me. And we all know that there's a "cancer" in all of us. It may not be the disease but we all have bad things about us and with a little help we can overcome them.


Belle says ‘Boogie’, every since I can remember that word had always made me giggle, I feel like by saying it I’m automatically a girlfriend of Austin Powers. But, this soooooong. Catchy isn’t even the word, it’s ruddy marvellous, devilish almost. You can’t help but break out into dance and pretend to do the moon walk, when in reality you're just practising bad mum dancing for the future. It’ll keep you clicking and head bopping the entire time. Try not to, I dare you. And, if you succeed, you’re not human. It’s impossible to not want to act out this song. Although be warned, you might wanna’ ‘control your feet’ if this song does happen to come up on you iPod on shuffle, especially if you’re in public, like I said. Bad mom dancing. Yeah, it’s not particularly attractive.


Zee says… I really love this song, I nicked Perri’s ‘Lovestrong’ album off of Genie quite a while ago, but none of the songs had really jumped out at me. Until I was listening to my iPod on shuffle on the way home and once I heard this song I stuck it on loop and listened to it for the rest of the journey!! I just love the simple piano tune and her voice is amazing. Also, the lyrics are open enough so that the listener can feel like they are aimed at anyone who has hurt them, not just a boyfriend, or girlfriend, but a neglecting father, or hurtful friend. Which is why I love this song. So go listen now, it really is beautiful!


Genie says I know Sara Bareilles is known for her single “Love Song” but she has seemed to fade away from the music buzz. I heard this song a long time ago back in 2010, and it suddenly popped into my head again the other day when I was coming home midweek from school. I absolutely love it. It has such an upbeat feel to it and it’s not a love song that I love. It all about not putting up with that person who thinks they're “The King of Anything.” I love it because we all have that person that thinks they are so much better than everyone else. This is the song that just says screw you. I love it. And Sara don’t ever stop writing music. You made my week.

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Neisa Rae Fluharty-Hutson said...

I grew up through high school on Hawk Nelson, and as having a grandmother taken by cancer and a high school friend from suicide, I can very much relate to their music! There with you Mini! <3

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