Monday, 15 October 2012

Monday's Music Mix #6


Mini says... Music isn't rocket science, and that's why I love Dutch jazz singer Caro Emerald. Good music sung well is what she does best, and when you layer her voice up with a sax, trumpet and an old style drum beat, you have the perfect combination. 'Back it up', from her album 'Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor' was what I spent my afternoon singing along to whilst I attempted to write a couple of essays. It's awesome because about 60% of the words aren't really words so you still sound alright when you're half paying attention to the music and attempting to sing under your breath. Sadly, I'm not sure my Geography essay came out quite so well.


Belle says... I found this track by chance, but by gosh I’m glad that I did. Me, being my ignorant self, I had always thought that ‘Labrinth’ was a rapper, but I was so profoundly happy to find that he has a voice reminiscent of Nat King Cole- if he had eased up on the cigarettes ever so slightly. Sande’s made her mark on the British music industry, especially since her multiple appearances during the Olympics. Both of their voices sound like soul voices drifting through a wave of smoke- it’s sublime. When dumbed down to the bare bones of the song, it’s actually quite an emotive track, and yet it’s not steered in a way typical of such perhaps ‘soppy’ songs. It’s modern, edgy and heartfelt all at the same time. Just the way I like it.


Zee says... Since going to see ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ on Wednesday I have been listening to this song non-stop. It's a song that isn't in Charlie's music list in the book, but is still a fabulous song and one that really relates to the book. Also, David Bowie is a music legend. However, he is often forgotten in this day and age due to the amount of rubbish now on the radiowaves. When Charlie hears this song in the film he says he "feels infinite" which is nice... but slightly odd. I don't feel that when I hear the song, but, I do really like the song and it's made me want to listen to more of the 'old' music so I'm gonna' start by listening to all of the songs that Charlie listed on his 'Music List' as seen in 'The perks of being a wallflower'! I shall have fun!


Genie says... I have my next door neighbour to thank for this song; so Bella thank you very much for telling me this song existed. This is a song from her new album ‘Red’ and by far the most country from what has been released for us to hear. It's not that I don’t like the new Taylor Swift. She has matured from this lovely dovey teenager to a woman whose got a little more to grips with the facts of life so of course her music will have changed. I like this song because it shows she still holds onto her roots. The chorus is just fantastic and it shows her insecurities not just on herself but knowing if people are being genuine or not. It’s lulled me to sleep every night since.



Rachael-Marie said...

I love your blog! It's really nicely written and I'm in LOVE with Taylor Swift Begin Again - It's like my song hehe I can't wait for the album hehe
I've decided to follow do you think you could take a peek at my blog and perhaps follow back?

Genie Nikaj said...

I'm so happy you love our blog! Taylor Swift is just amazing in herself. Only a few days until the new album!!

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