Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday's music mix #7


MINI SAYS...I've loved this song this week! It's so entertaining and I love to just so along and dance around my room to it. It was the one used a while back in a Dior advert. I've rediscovered Gossip I feel. Beth Ditto is an amazing lead singer and she's got such a unique voice which stuns me with each song. I don't feel she gets enough recognition as a singer. I've loved it to the extent that I've attempted to learn to play it on the guitar. The main word being attempt (I suck at the guitar). However, in acoustic it gave me an eargasm, I do not lie. I tried to find a actual acoustic version and almost sobbed when I couldn't. But I know for sure, it would've been absolutely stunning.


BELLE SAYS... It sounds weird but I was genuinely scared by this song... well, the beginning of it that is. The voice just creeped me out to oblivion, ironically the rest of the song isn’t in the slightest bit scary. In fact, it’s rather catchy, which I suppose would make it great for a Halloween party. Before you lose complete heart in me, I urge you watch the ‘witch doctor’video- the witch doctor is pretty scary if I don’t say so myself. If you get nothing else from the video, there are some pretty good Halloween costume ideas in it. My personal favourites? The female elvises, they’re brill. To be honest, the song just reminds me of all the other things I was unnecessarily scared by in my childhood. 


ZEE SAYS... Oh yes, another single from the wonderful Alex Day! (Such a popular boy!) It was released ages ago but I felt that this song just fitted into the whole Halloween theme of this week! The song is about a guy who has a relationship with a ghost. Simple, to the point and if that doesn't relate to Halloween then I don't know what does! So, go have a listen and be open-minded to the storyline. Also if you get a chance watch the video Karen Gillen's look a-like makes a rather convincing ghost! I still don't know whether it's actually Karen at some points or just a very good look alike!!


GENIE SAYS... This is Halloween week and from the name of these songs you are probably thinking ‘How the hell are they scary?’ Justin Bieber does have a reputation for being the scariest person alive as for Katy Perry she was teriffing in her video Hot ‘n’ Cold. This mash up of songs was done so amazingly it sent shivers done my spine. Pentatonix are a’cappella that were on an American show called Sing Off and how they did not win completely phases me. They have managed to mash these songs up giving them a haunty feel. Since it is all done by just voice it almost freaks you out even more as you wonder how voices could ever produce sounds like it. I can’t wait to buy their EP (once I get payed) it really does send shivers done your spine.

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