Monday, 29 October 2012

Monday's Music Mix #8


Mini says... I went camping this weekend with Zee and my Explorer group. We didn't explore, just ran through mud and partied in a tent. However, one of the questions I was asked was, "So you know the song Stacey's Mom?" To which my response was hell yeah! I love this song. It's such a laugh and so easy to listen to. So when one of the explorers admitted to being able to play it on the guitar I was like, "Ka-Ching!" It's one of those songs that easily sticks in your head and you'll find yourself singing the lyrics to at all hours of the day. Which could look odd seeing as the main line is "Stacey's mom has got it going on" (ooh err). If you haven't ever heard this song, I suggest you go and find it somewhere, and I expect you'll be singing the lyrics as you listen.


Belle says... It's in my 'whattup boi' playlist on youtube- um yeah, I have one of those. Don't judge. I love her little giggle at the beginning, it's like a kid who knows they've done wrong and have got away with it. The definition of this song? Catchy. I can't help but get up and dance when I hear it, it's like a virus. Considering you'll tend to hear me listening to musicals and guys on guitars, songs like these are almost 'a little out of my comfort zone'. She's got a lot of hate for rumours surrounding 'bitchiness' but right when I'm listening to this song I couldn't care less. They are rumours after all. Y'know, they're obviously entirely correct...


Zee says... So I know Mini reviewed this a couple of weeks ago but I actually hadn't heard it until she wrote an article on it. So I had a listen, and have listened to it every day since and now know the words off by heart! If I do go and see the new Bond film it will literally only be to hear how they (directors and sound people) integrate that song into the film, and to see Daniel Craig with his shirt off, obviously!! I love Adele and hope that she doesn't hide away for too long again, her beautiful voice is just too precious to stay hidden!


Genie says... Celeste is a Swedish artist who I just love. She has this quirky name that originally drew me to her and thanks to YouTube I found her music. I had listened to her way back before the summer but had completely forgot about her over the summer. Then this week she popped up again and I feel in love. ‘Run Run Run’ lyrics are just fabulous. She sums up what every girl should be in a relationship- fierce and get what they deserve. Now she has a soft side and that is seen in the bridge when she finally opens her heart saying that he is what she wants. It’s just one of those songs that make up jump up and want to sing along; it was pulling me through the last week before mid-term break.

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