Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mr Irvine

NAME: Jeremy Irvine (Jeremy Smith)


WHAT HE’S KNOWN FOR: War Horse. That’s what he’s known for, for now. He’s known for playing the lead ‘boy’ in the great ‘War Horse’. Fun fact for you to know? He actually acted on stage for ‘War Horse’, but not as a lead character by any means. Word on the street says he actually played a tree... Well, that’d be one of the most good-looking trees I’d have seen.

WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM: He looks like that boy next door, from every film. Well, the farmer next door, at least. He looks like he should be putting hay on the back of a truck. He’s got this darling chiselled look whilst having quite Elvin features. It looks like he’s constantly pouting- maaaah, loveeeerly. He’s got that clean cut, rugged appearance thaaang going on, the juxtaposition of both is an absolute great sight to behold.

 THE REST/ WHAT TO SEE HIM IN NEXT: He’s gonna’ be in two new films, through which he’s gonna’ get EVEN MORE exposure- like he hasn’t had quite enough? First one is ‘Now is good’ about a girl dying of leukaemia, and he plays the next door neighbour. Adapted from the beautifully written book ‘Before I die’, Irvine plays the next door neighbour, which is quite appropriate to my previous comment. He’s also in ‘Great Expectations,’ as Pip which I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on tickets for through school. This is one of the perks of taking English! Douglas Booth played the character early on this year in the TV adaptation- they’ve certainly got a line of lookers for the role.  


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