Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Never looked at a mirror

This one’s been particularly hard to write for me, for the pure fact that I didn’t know what to write about. I was talking to Belle about it and she said to me ‘what has been an issue for you?’ I looked at her up and down almost scared to say the only answer I knew. My issue has always been self-esteem.

Now, before I become all dramatic and depressed on you I am just going to ask a simple question. Are you completely happy with you self? Not just in your looks, but in personality? Because when it comes to thinking about you as an individual I don’t think I know one person that is completely happy with what they’ve been born with. There is something that we all want to change about us; whether it is having a different hair colour or wishing we were just a bit more talented in music or hoping your muffin top would just disappear.  It’s completely normal for people to question whether they look good or not but what I am talking about is a complete lack of self-esteem. Not being able to look in the mirror without wanting to cry.

Last week I had one of those days where no matter what anyone said or anyone did I felt like the ugliest thing in the world. I had been having a really bad day, missing the familiarity of my old school and just wanting my best friends to hug me even though they were in London. Plus, on top of that, I was in the midst of sorting out my feeling towards a guy.  I broke down into tears. Soon after I had started to cry I started to talk to these amazing girls and I had sorted most of my baggage out but that feeling of still not being pretty enough stayed.

The fact is that not feeling pretty is just the tip of the iceberg for low self-esteem. Feeling that you don’t deserve what you have or feeling like you don’t deserved to be treated well is horrible and I’ve learnt that no one should ever feel like that. Girls and boys are pressured by the media, their peers and themselves to be ‘perfect’.

The fact is that it’s impossible for all of us to have this one generic look.  Not all of us can be a size 0, just like not all of us can be a physicist. The world does not work like that. The fact of the matter is that something is beautiful because it is different. Our whole way of living has thrived on the fact that people are different in not only the way they look but in they think. Just think of the tan. Coco Chanel was the one who made the tan fashionable. Before then it was seen as you were from the lowest class to have a tan. You just wouldn’t have it. Now it’s the ‘look’.

Now I am going to try and take some of my own advice with this post and here it comes.

It’s ok to look different. What you wear should show who you are, not what the people and society around you dictate you to be.  Those curves that you hate will be the thing that people love about you. The paleness of your skin will be the thing that attracts that person you’ve been searching for. The freckles that you hate are what your children wish they had. Use whatever imperfect thing that you have and make it into the thing that everyone is envious. It may take a while but it will become your perfection.

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