Monday, 29 October 2012

New winter boots- Lotta Beccles


HOW MUCH? £69.99

I’ll be honest, the connotation which I have with Clarks is not a positive one. I actually feel allergic to that shop because of the ugly school shoes I associate with my childhood which I have got from this shop- y’know clumpy and with stitchwork. Yet, when my gut actively persuaded me to go into the shop I was nicely surprised to find these ankle boots sitting on the shelf. Dark tan leather, they have a 75mm block heel and softwear cushioning. They are most definitely comfortable. I walked for two hours in these in a park yesterday with absolutely no problem, and around London for at least four hours today and it was only the balls of my feet which began to hurt, which was bound to happen with a heel this big and the fact that I bought them ‘roomy’. They’re the right mix of classy and casual for me. When I look down at them, I always think I’m wearing short leather wellingtons- they’re loverly.


gemmamullin said...

Hi - I love your blog! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) x

Rachel Kromdijk said...

Lovely Shoes girl,

Keep up the good work!

Danielle Kitty Frances said...

I would not expect Clarks to sell such Beauties like that!

I also tagged and nominated you for the Leibsten Award xx

Thi Lan said...

wow. the boots are very nice. i like the colour *_* your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


Nic Nac Noo said...

I adore these! clarks are always super comfy too :)

kingeryt2 said...

Cute boots!

I nominated you for a Liebster award! Check out my blog for more info :)

Following :)

Electric Daisies said...

I too have a slight disliking for Clarks however these shoes are cute! Xo

Hollie said...

I love these boots! Ive just bought a pair from Topshop that arent so high but pretty much the same. I love autumn boots especially tan x

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