Thursday, 25 October 2012

Strange Love (from Disney's "Frankenweenie") - Karen O

It's Halloween! This means spooky stuff right? And Disney being as awesome as they are brought out Frankenweenie just in time. I've been reading Frankenstein as one of my English Literature texts and apart from the over use of hyperboles and old fashioned language, I'd say it was a pretty good book. So much so that I attempted to convince my teacher that taking our class to see Frankenweenie at the cinema would be research. It didn't work out.

However, browsing through Vevo like I do, I came across "Strange Love" by Karen O, a song from the film. And I got quite excited being the child that I am. Spooky music is hard to create. You can't really be too stereotypical but then again, you go all Dance Macarbre and people are like, WTF? So making "spooky" music for a children's film about a kid bringing his dead dog back to life? You're pretty much committing suicide trying.

Yet, a spooky sounding song about love? Somehow it seems to work. Admittedly, children may not find it a particularly interesting part of the film but I do. So much so that dancing around the house attempting to sing the song in Karen O's soft, high, almost ghoulish voice has earned me many an odd look from my family. I probably sound like a dying cat.

Karen Lee Orzolek, stage name Karen O, seemed relatively unknown to me. At least that was what I thought. Turns out she's the lead singer of the New York rock band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The song I know them from is another Halloween-y sort of song, "Heads Will Roll" for which the video includes Karen wearing a costume that Lady Gaga would be proud of and a dancing werewolf. Perfectly normal.

To be honest, Karen herself is quite Halloween like. She's got pale porcelain skin and a jet black bob with a blunt fringe. The makeup in the "Heads Will Roll" video was extensive with dark eyes and blood red lips which made her look, and I hate to say it, almost witchy. Just her look would force any aspiring film songwriter to write a ghostly song especially for her. I'm rather excited to see where the song turns up in the film and to see if any of the characters have any similar features to Karen as she would have been the perfect base for any female character in this film.

The song is simple scary, not too much that children can't sleep afterwards. It has some spooky, ghostly "ooh"-ing which is a bit Dr. Who theme tune for my liking but overall it's a cutesy ghosty film song. And it fits its audience. Which is all you really need. I do love this song, it's a strange love but love all the same.


Paresa! said...

i want to see this film. i love tim burton, i just did a blog about my halloween inspired look of a tim burton film..


Anna Maria said...

very nice :) love ur blog :) im ur newest follower xxx

hope u could check out my new post and dont forget to enter my giveaway :)

Mini Thoumine said...

I'm so excited about the film :) Tim Burton films are all just so imaginative and different to everything else there is :) x

Mini Thoumine said...

Thank you my dear :) ill be sure to have a peek at your blog :) x

Thi Lan said...

your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


Mini Thoumine said...

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy what we're posting and ill be sure to check out your blog :) x

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