Friday, 5 October 2012

Take it off

I personally love my makeup and I wear at least some on a day to day basis (unless I am having ones of those crazy pyjama days, then I just remain my bland looking self.) Makeup covers up those dark eyes, from staying up too late trying to finish the essay that has been sitting on your desk for the past two weeks or those spots that have just appeared from nowwhere for no reason.  We use it to cover up all these ‘mistakes’ yet makeup is probably one of the worst things for your skin in the world.

Now this is not a post to tell you not to put makeup on, that would defeat the whole point of Genie’s Salon. No, I am here to tell you to take it off. I know that seems like something really simple but how many of you take your makeup off every night? Be honest now, because I know I don’t do it every night even though I know how important it is to make sure you take it all off every single day.  It ages your skin by five days every time you forget to take your makeup off. Now that’s a lot of ageing for something that can take as little as two minutes to do.

For most of us, it is just us being lazy once we have forgotten to take it off.  We have gotten changed into our pyjamas and brushed our teeth and tucked into bed to read that book before we go to sleep, or having a late night chat with that guy in your chemistry class who’s kinda’ cute. Once we are in bed it will take a fire for most of us to get out of bed again. I know that I wouldn’t move just to take off my makeup. I will manage to convince myself somehow, saying that it’s not important. But it really is. It’s not only bad for your skin, causing spots and clogging up your pores but your pillow ends up being disgusting with all the makeup on it.
Now there is a simple way to get over this: have a routine. I have one just before I go to bed, I tie my hair up so that my scrub won’t get in it. Spread my scrub from lush around my face and leave it on while I brush my teeth, then take up makeup with a cotton pad. Simple. It takes five minutes maximum and my skin not only is clean but smells and feels amazing.

Five minutes a night is nothing to make sure my skin is cleansed. Plus, it means there are less chances of spots, meaning you won’t need to add that 3kg of makeup that is dumped on the face every morning. Think of it as a money saver. Maybe that would motivate you more.

Written by Genie

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