Sunday, 14 October 2012

The 'I'm classy, not pretentious' look

Olay darlings! I know, it’s been a while since I apparently got dressed up all nicely, but that is not the case. Long story short, my very old computer began eating my files, and kapoof! They were all gone. Despite the much annoyance this caused, I am back and ready to publish plenty more posts. Unless technology decides to conquer me again... Regardless, we must stay positive!

Ah, so you might have clocked the picture by now? Well, at least I hope you have. The look this week is one which is far more alike to what I usual wear- to what you’ll tend to find me parading more often around in. For starters, I’m in heels- my natural footwear. For seconds, it’s just a lot more dressy or ‘posh’ as people like to vaguely describe my ‘look’ as being.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, of where this look comes under. What would you happen to be going to? Well, I wore this outfit when I went out to dinner with my parents to celebrate my dad working for 20 years with Hilton. However, I must specify that this was a dinner shared between only me and my parents- it’s not like I had to put my proper glad rags on. Still, it’s nice to make an effort. It’s a nice balance between formal and casual, each little thing juxtaposes the next to create what I call ‘classy casual’. It’s perfect for a dinner date, or any occasion when you want to impress the other person without making them feel like they’ve just walked into a Disney movie. Let me explain what I mean properly... The tailored red skirt is quite obviously formal, and paired with suede ankle boots that formal nature is only emphasized. The prominent black of the top also helps with this too. Yet, by pairing it with a slouchy angora knit (size Large may I add) rather than a small tailored cardigan, a certain casual nature is also given to the outfit. Note also that I could have worn my massive shopper (which I love dearly) but opted from this small leather bag. I want to be classy, not darn pretentious.

For a more summery look you can ditch the ankle boots for a pair of platform wedged sandals (that’s what I own), the black belt for a orange-yellow belt and the angora knit for either a cardigan or a short sleeved leather jacket. As for winter, after the dinner I caught up with my friends to go to cinema and traded my heels for a pair of tan brogues. Upon my arrival my friend asked me whether the occasion had been changed to the theatre. I suppose formal and casual really is subjective, and little old me will always favour class over comfortable.

Now, let’s get down to business of HOW MUCH? and WHERE FROM?
·         THE TOP: Tkmaxx, approx £15
·         THE SKIRT: Miss Selfridge, £30
·         THE CARDIGAN: H&M, approx £15
·         THE SHOES: Carvella Kurt Geiger, £79 (on sale) – just so you know, these shoes are my baby, I don’t usually buy shoes costing so much (well, I do a little bit, I love shoes) but if there’s anyone to blame it’s Genie- she didn’t persuade me not to buy them when I asked her.
·         THE BELT: (It’s my mum’s, but you can buy similar ones anywhere to be honest, it’s just a simple thin black belt, probably about £10)
·         THE BAG: Again, it’s my mum’s so I can’t really help you there.
·         THE EARRINGS: M&S, N.A.

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