Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (film)

I read the book at the beginning of the summer, as I heard the film was being released in the Autumn, and absolutely loved it. Cried, laughed, smiled and couldn't help but think about how the film producers and directors were going to interpret this film and make it just as fabulous as the book.

Well, all I can say is they pulled it off. Perhaps this is due to the director being Stephen Chbosky who happens to be the writer of the book! He also wrote the screen play, and I knew neither of these things as I sat down in the cinema. As the writer has had an incredibly important role in the making of the film, it has allowed him to convey all the thoughts and feelings that were seen in the book and didn't lead to any strange interpretations. 

It was simple, to the point and really quite moving! Logan Lerman portrayed the character of Charlie exceptionally well and so did Emma Watson and Ezra Miller with half-brother/sister Patrick and Sam. The only casting choice I would question is Paul Rudd, mainly because whenever he is in a film I can only see 'That dude off Friends' rather than the character he was playing, I've watched too many 'Friends' episodes, sue me!

I really enjoyed this film and after I left the cinema I found myself contemplating life and all its mysteries! Which is good in some ways but bad when you sit next to your friend on the train and spout a whole load of philosophical nonsense… yup, I did that.
As I am looking back on this film I’ve noticed they condensed the contents of the book quite a bit. Obviously this happens in all book adaptations and only annoys me as far as me saying ‘I wish they went into that part with more detail’. As the writer was the director and wrote the screenplay, for this film, lines from the book have actually been included in the film. The book is written as a load of letters to the reader and words from those letters have been over-layed on top of the actions of Charlie and reflect what he has been thinking, which in my opinion worked really well.
I really enjoyed this film and recommend it for you to go and see. But, if you haven’t read the book, be patient it takes a little while for the story to develop. Also I warn you about Emma Watson’s American accent… it still needs some work.
P.S. Leaving this review on that note makes it seem like I didn’t like Emma Watson… I actually have such a girl-crush on that woman, I actually wish I was her!!! My favourite female celeb of all time - so far- she was an important person in the film and I’m so proud that she has given Sam, the book character, the portrayal she deserves! (Don’t mock me for saying that, it’s a good book… go and read it and you’ll understand!!)

Written by Zee (accidently posted by Belle- she's really quite sorry).

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