Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The rumour mill

The Rumour Mill is something that every institution has. Whether you are in high school or work in the office blocks of London rumours live on in every shape and form. I cannot speak for the office workers but high school is known for spreading pretty malicious rumours; if someone had done something in the morning, before registration, I would bet a lot of money that at least three quarters of the school would know about it by the end of the second period. 
I’ve always been astounded by how quickly rumours spread. Girls are known to be the gossips of the school but there’s something I hate to break to you. It’s the boys that you have to watch out for. You would never expect it- they stereotypically seem far too focused on ‘sporting matters’- but they are the ones that not only spread rumours, but seem to misinterpret the rumour and it suddenly becomes a whole lot more exciting than it originally was. In my school, this has been happening an awful lot recently and I more than I have done in the past am a lot more aware of it.
I now go to a school with only twenty five people in my year so any form of news gets around in seconds- literally.  As we have finished our first half-term you would expect me to be completely used to everyone knowing everyone’s business by now but I still cannot for the life of me get my head around it. I am not saying that the gossip of the year doesn’t keep me entertained- it most definitely does. However, for me there is still a point where it’s just not any of my business or anyone else’s for that matter.  What someone does on the weekend with their boyfriend or in their personal time has nothing to do with me and I don’t feel that I should have the right to know it.
I am not going to become all self-righteous and say that you should never gossip or tell people anything, I do it all the time- I would be a total hypocrite.  It’s a part of our society to gossip- not that that’s necessarily a good thing. Rumours and scandals have made life interesting, but there is a point where it becomes malicious bitching. I don’t know if any of you have watched hairspray the movie but there is a scene where Amber is acting like Tracy’s friend but really she is just creating rumours to ruin her reputation.  Bit of a random link? Yes, I know, but the sentiment is still there. You get entertained, but in the long run someone does get hurt. Sometimes, pretty badly.
Gossip can ruin someone’s reputation and the way they see themselves. The problem is gossip isn’t even necessarily true, in fact a lot of it isn’t.  We would all hate to be the one that the rumours are about. Plus we all deserve our right to privacy, right? Yet, sometimes it’s not even privacy they intrude but the line between truth and lie- that’s when gossip gets really bad. There’s not much one can do to ‘filter’ the gossip they hear, sort through right and wrong. Just perhaps stop and think next time you hear a rumour about how plausible and true it is. Do you know that person well enough to confidently say it’s true? Maybe it’ll stop you from spreading it.
Then again, maybe not.


Sophie said...

Great post!


Pretty Little Things said...

Well said! I'm in year 12 at the moment, and gossip/rumours seem to spread like wildfire!

mike i make said...

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Genie Nikaj said...

I'm in year 12 as well and its seems to have got worse.

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