Sunday, 7 October 2012

"Then the rain came down"

I love autumn. I don't really know why, I just do. So much so that when it rained last Monday I got overexcited, which is a terrible thing to admit. I had been really depressed because in my eyes, September should be full of grey skies, orange and yellow leaves contrasting beautifully with the burgundy uniforms of the Junior House as they freeze to death in their shorts and knee high socks (I don't lie.) And until Monday, I hadn't really felt like that had happened.

"Then the rain came down" (I'm sorry for the terrible song quote) and it got cold, and then I got a cold, and then I got my knitted vintage jumpers out (my favourite being a giant '80s batwing mohair monstrosity.) So, in my opinion we've made autumn. I now have an excuse to turn on the heating and curl up with a cup of tea and a good book on a Sunday afternoon without my Mam deciding that "the weather's too nice to be inside" before forcing us to take part in some sort of physical activity *shudder*.

So today being an 'Autumn Sunday' I'm drinking tea, scoffing my Peppa Pig birthday cake (it was my 17th mid week so I had some left over) which there is a reasonable amount of so it should sustain me for the afternoon, and getting up to speed with my English Literature text which is Frankenstein. I managed yesterday to do my wardrobe sort-out, which involved hiding any flimsy shorts and blouses at the bottom of my drawers and digging my numerous coats out from under my bed. I have a variety, a blue duffle, a brown leather aviator, a couple of blazers and (my most recent and favourite purchase) a black wool Nichole Fahri jacket that was £50 in a Barnes charity shop.

Another thing about autumn is that it's a time for preparation. It's when the world starts to prepare for winter (or if it’s Australia you start preparing for summer) the evenings draw in and the animals grab their goodies, getting ready to sleep for months on end. I'm a sleeping forever kinda’ person normally but with autumn I just want to be out there drinking up the season.

It is also a time where sports preparation starts to pay off. I'm not the one complaining that there's windows in the gym and the rowers and rugby team are training in there ;) However I may start complaining if the rowers carry on rubbing their hands in my face (if anyone's ever seen rower’s hands they'll understand.) It's just that sensation of being sat in the stands in a coat and scarf cheering on the team that screams autumn to me. That, along with scraping mud off of horse rugs and plaiting horses at 7am with frozen fingers, ready to show that day. Just the scent of warm horse or sweaty rugby player screams autumn to me. I have no idea why.

It's a season that should leave us hiding next to the radiator but instead, it's inviting me to be out in its beauty. It's when sport seems impossible yet even more awe inspiring when you watch it. It's when tea replaces ice creams and jumpers replace tank tops. It's quickly upon us, engulfing us in colour in a way that seems impossible, especially in London. Yet for some reason, autumn makes the impossible seem possible. And that's why it's my favourite season of all.

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