Sunday, 21 October 2012

Things so dumb, you wouldn't quite believe it

I have moments in my life when I consider writing a teen fiction story using extracts from my life just because that's the only place my life would fit into. There's really no question about it, some of the things that happen are just pure stupidity.

Friday, for example, was rather entertaining. It started off just an average day, Jacques and I singing musical songs in chemistry whilst the teacher glared at us both, Jacques clapping and cheering when I finally get an answer right and Gareth doing the worm across the floor to get to the bin. Just average.

So then it gets to lunchtime and seeing as our cafeteria food is worse than that given to prisoners of war (I know, a little extreme but you get my drift), the option is burnt chicken or pasta. My friend Jude and I, valuing our lives greatly, opted for the pasta. So Jude got his lunch and the cafeteria worker passed me a plate of pasta. Now, any normal person would have grabbed the food and ran but me being the clumsy idiot I am managed to drop, not only the pasta but the plate as well straight into the giant tub of tomato pasta sauce. Jude, being a loving friend was crying laughing at me whilst I stood there like a startled deer not really knowing what to do. That was before I broke down laughing as well. Oops.

Now I'm not sure some people were appreciative of my klutzy moment however, it gave so many people a good laugh and left a smile on their faces and mine. When we finally got to the table we were still laughing so hard about what had happened we could barely eat but the main thought was, at least I've entertained and made someone's bad day, a little bit brighter.

So I then spent the second half of my lunch hour wandering through Fulham with Sarah, Michael and Theo. Being the normal people we are, we were discussing people who can't talk properly and places where words are different. The best example of this being the word thong. Now, in England where we speak English this is a type of underwear. In Australia however, where they don't speak English this is a word for flip flop. Now wandering through central London with two teenage boys shouting at the top of their voices, "I want new thongs for Christmas!" and "Thongs are just so comfy! Sometimes I just wander round the house in mine!" was going to kill me laughing. Also, both guys are the last sort of people you'd expect.

So I had double study period this afternoon (study period, not free period because I go to a school where freedom isn't on the curriculum) and then form again with Jude. Who being male, decided that the topic of sex was appropriate for a Wednesday. Or, even better sex with amputees. Lets just label that as an entertaining conversation which ended with Jude writing a list of things he wanted to do before he died.

Now I doubt anyone else's life can be as utterly ridiculous as mine but I'm sure there are points where people just have to stop, catch their breath from rolling on the floor laughing and smile. These are good times when you're surrounded by friends, enjoying life to the full and most importantly being happy. If you're not happy, you need to shake things up. There's no point in living a routine, that same old same old, day in day out. Do something drastic be that, having a food fight or going skydiving. Do something exciting because we all know (that over used phrase) YOLO! And you've got to make it a life worth living.

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