Saturday, 13 October 2012

Thou shall be friendly with everyone

I know, it is hard. My gosh, it is profoundly hard. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult things one can truly aim to do. You know what, sometimes you might just falter, and you might just have a personality to match that bitch face of yours. But still, just try, a little bit more every single day. You’ll see there will be some pretty good fruits of favour coming back your way, or nice consequences for those less well acquainted with my way of speech...

Please, I’m not talking about going all-out friendly. Just smiling at people when you see them, and trying to maintain a conversation with people you don’t know particularly well, that’s the spirit. It’s just the small things that matter, and they all add up in the end. You don’t have to be friends with everyone (it would be a pretty big task to maintain all of those relationships, and you’ll probably find yourself in the middle of a couple of brawls), but it does help to be at least friendly, in more ways than one. There are the selfish consequences, and the not so selfish consequences, depending on the kind of person you are, and where your intentions tend to be focused one kind of those consequences are going to appeal to you more.

There’s one idea which I always go by: what if they’re your boss in the future? Yes, it’s improbable, but it’s also ruddy possible. You’re going to be slapping yourself in the face if you were hostile previously, instead of just being buddy in the tiniest way.
Look, it’s just gonna’ help- a lot. People will be happier to do your favours and in the most selfish way possible, you’re more likely to get in with what’s happening. AKA, you’re probably gonna’ get to know a little bit more gossip. You know more people, you talk to more people, you talk to more people, the likelihood that one of those people has a loose tongue increases. It’s just basic math. Simple. SHHHHHH though. Don’t say that I told you.

Then there’s the other thing- that other not so selfish thing. It’ll actually make you a nicer, perhaps even more humbler person. Yeah, it’ll probably (according to the law of averages) make you a better person. You’ll probably have a more positive outlook on life, and you’ll learn to not be so pessimistic. N’awww isn’t that a lovely thing to ponder?

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