Saturday, 20 October 2012

Thou shall trust males who put their mother above thou

Now, I know that it might sound like he’s mummy’s little prince- which he probably is to be honest- but please hear me out. The boy might be mad about you, and you might be mad about him too, but a boy who can openly admit to his mother being a small significant beacon of light in his life is a keeper. Why? 1. It shows that he’s not afraid to tell you the truth, 2. It shows he has a good relationship with his mother and 3. He’s going to be worth it.
Let’s think about this slowly. If they’re putting their mummy above you, it shows a certain amount of respect and love within that family relationship. That boy is going to share healthy relationships in his family, and it’ll probably expand to the rest of his life: namely you. It shows that he appreciates the need to fulfil long relationships- this is a boy without a fear of commitment. If we’re going to analyse the picture a little too closely, if you’re really mad about each other in a healthy way (not just because you really like the look of each other’s faces, or even bodies to be honest) you should already hear those bells chiming. Yes, those lovely weddings bells should be ringing loudly in your ears. After all, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a man without fear of commitment must want to marry you (hoping someone got the allusion there...) It’s just a basic bit of amateur psychology, discovered and made by a girl who has no right to be commenting on how human behaviour effects other things- namely me.
There are going to be exceptions to the rule, in fact there are going to be lads who might have a really good reason to have a disliking of their mother, and lads who perhaps don’t. But it’s a good signpost, like some neon lights should appear above his head saying ‘pick me’, but that’s not going to be the case with all lads. Oh, look at that! All the more reason to talk about each other’s families! Also, an opportunity for any of you ‘perfect child’ people to get creepy and see if there’s any strange gene potentially in their pool. Before any of you out there start discussing ‘justifiable’ reasons for this query, I’m going to reiterate: no matter what your reason that’s still creepy.

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