Friday, 5 October 2012

Thou shall try to keep their mouth shut

This applies in so many ways, and honestly it’s the biggest rule when it comes to the way that I live, it’ll help you out in so many situations, it’s ridiculously helpful like that. The rule, applies in two ways.
First is the, don’t go and tell everyone everything about you when you’ve first met. Whilst it’s nice to be open and honest about your life (it makes you seem truthful) you shouldn’t go and tell everyone everything about every single little aspect of you. Bearing your soul to an absolute stranger will come back to bite you. You need to make sure that you feel the air first with people; you have no idea what people approve or disapprove of. Look, I know, in theory one should also never judge, but in reality we don’t meet an ideal person after an ideal person. You could end up alienating yourself to everyone around you.

More importantly, you could end up telling someone something extremely personal about your life early on the relationship. You think you can trust them, and bam suddenly everyone knows exactly what you’ve been hiding from them for quite a while. It’s not your fault, and yet it is. Being too nice and thinking someone had a good heart, can come back to hurt you.
Then, there’s the one which to me is even more important than keeping your cards held close to your chest. You should keep your mouth shut when it comes to other people’s business. You might hear it, and boy you might wanna’ spread it (believe me, when I hear something sometimes I spread it like wildfire) but hesitate a second before you do. If you promise not to tell anyone: don’t. You’ll only earn yourself a bad reputation, and whilst a couple of people may end up telling some things to you, it won’t be the things which really matter.

But, there are many other situations, right? I know, it gets confusing. Generally, just think. There’s gossip, and then there’s bitchy gossip. Don’t spread something which you know you wouldn’t want to spread about you, especially if you know the way you’re going to deliver is gonna’ be pretty malicious. Just try and resist it. It’s not gonna’ work every single time. Just try and sort the merely embarrassing gossip from the stuff you can tell someone hoped was going to be kept in confidence. And always remember, in theory, it’s not your business to tell.

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